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Dune full map!


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After having eventually extracted the .dat file of Dune with Multi Ex Commander (see http://dune2k.com/forum/index.php?topic=18539.msg315989#new), I'm quite sure that there are NO other sietchs/pyons left than that discovered up to now. How can I tell? Actually, in the files extracted there are also the speeches files (in .voc format, which can be played by Winamp), and those with the names of all the sietchs/pyons reachables in the game (in fact, it's the voice you hear when you select a destination). So I found that there are 61 files for the sietchs, 6 for the pyons and 2 (obviously! ;) ) for the palaces, matching the numbers we posted before.


By Hex editing a savegame file, I found 70 locations: 6 villages & 2 palaces and... 62 (!) sietchs. Don't know what 's doing in the game.

Edit: Now, I know. That's Tsympo-Harg sietch, localised here. Tsympo-Harg

I'll post my job, based on wiki4games.com/Dune in this topic, to continu the pascal89's job with sietch cheats.

Even Rymoah hasn't find it and one or 2 locations Celimyn-Tuek in his DuneGuide (in italian :( ).

This sietch is localised south of Tuono-Timin. Crossing the meridian of it and on the parallel (latitude) between both Habbanya-Tuek & Habbanya-Tabr).

I'll try to do a map with the spice density map.

There's a lot of interesting things to do with the 28bytes per sietch... It's even possible to make a trainer to refill the spice density of a area, modifying it's equipement etc :P

It'll take me a little time to complete my research.

I hope I could find help there.

Edit: In the wait, this is my customised map from wiki4games.com

Edit2: And there, it's my corrected, non customised map of Dune from wiki4game.com.

I'll post a bunch of different map soon. Hope you 'll like it. afro.gif

See ya'


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I've got few map to post here, exclusive to your website.

In the wait of editing this post with links, I'm wondering a question.

Why someone ( a moderator?) has erased the image earlier in the discussion?

Can't I post images here?

Edit: Could I post pictures?

It seems yes, but definition are ugly. See attached file instead plz.

I propose you, complete map of spice fiefs, with and without spice density of all zone at the beginning of the game, prospected and non prospected to respect people who don't want to cheat. These ones can be used to find sietch by orni travel; unfortunately, I didn't managed to modify my game to withdraw the "simulated scanner" on the orni map (green grid you know?). I use Multi Ex Commander and UNHSQ.EXE + CWSDPMI.EXE on the MAP.HSQ & MAP2.HSQ without usefully result.So I abandonned to find this scanner green grid.



I propose you a slightly modified map found on wiki4game.com spoke in my precedent post. Corrected, arranged, reduced.

210e6c9a-6a88-48c4-bff7-a386dc9c25bd.jpg 0471f8a5-abd4-47c9-bf50-201c30c8627a.jpg

Finally, I proposed you an illustrated map of the globe of Arrakis.

It's a little whim of mine. I'm just waiting the answer of an infographist friend. It can be seen as ugly but I don't care, I'm not an emo obsessed with aesthetics... evil.gif

This one interests me particularly because I plan to report all troops who live in sietches w/wo base motivation & counting, the inventory of all sietches, and other info like the way to find sietches (simple travel, fremen instruction or what else), wind-trap presence etc (?).


I have cheated a lot to find these informations and plan to use this method; cause I 've got a REALLY early savegame at my disposal, Day 1 7h30AM. So, the game's world is "as is". By the way, it make me learning technics and knowledge in order to post a hexa-cheat guide later.




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You cannot find Celimyn-Tuek by flying over it with someone to spot sietches. You have to edit the same game and turn its bit flag to visible. If you look at John2022's spice map you can see that he just turned all places to visable and prospected. Obviously the spice prospectors wouldn't go to an unconquered fortress and report the spice density!

If you want this sietch you should edit your saved game after finding Kynes and turn its visibility byte on (by turning of fthe 7th bit). To find a sietch search for its GPS bytes (F6412700 for Celimyn-Tuek). The first occurance will be the sietch any other occurances of that byte string will be troops stationed at that sietch. By searching for the GPS coordinates you should be able to find the sietches and troops in either version (2.3 or 3.7) and at any time during the game. The troop you are looking for would have to be in one of the 62 sietches.

I have found out how the time works:


The day is divided in to 16 units. That makes them 90 minutes long. Each

unit takes 60 seconds of real time. That makes a day 16 minutes long. The

minimum time is Day 1 12am. The default time is Day 1 4:30am. The start time is

Day 1 9am. The clock goes to Day 365 10:30pm and then resets. The results go to

Day 999 10:30pm. The maximum time is Day 4096 10:30pm. Wait for morning is

4:30am. Wait for evening is 10:30pm. Travel makes time go by at a faster rate.

I wrote a program back in '92 or '93 (version 2.3) in QBASIC to report or set the time in a saved game.

What I did:

Start searching at byte 5600 (File ptr = 5600)

Find Int -30268 (I don't remember how to convert back to hex, but this might be F63C)

At File ptr +1 find -19831 (look for a 3 byte string that always has the same value)

Int at File ptr +10 = Day+Time (a 2 byte value)

If Day&Time < 0 than add 65536

Add 19 to Day&Time

The high 12 bits is the Day

The low 4 bits is the Time

Set Day&Time to anything

Subtract 19 from Day&Time

If Day&Time > 0 than subtract 65536

Write Day&Time at File ptr +10

I hope that Mr. Stephan Fourie might continue updating his DuneEdit.exe to work on both versions of the game and to edit saved games at any point during play. It would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you find all hidden sietches and the third+ villages any time in the story by simple flying over these areas? (if you got something in the backseat off course who trigger ;))

(i need to purchase my fucking laser guns now! if im to attack)

Or do you before that need to interview a freeman at the closest nearby sietch so he says "there's a sietch not wery far from here"

Does he reveal that anytime in the story if so?

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usually you're told of a sietch or a smuggler village. i don't think you can just discover them by flying blindly :) easiest smuggler village to spot is in the Fish's Mouth haha.


@X3M: it is possible that some regions are left blank intentionally as "unpopulated" areas. nobody managed to get 100% by now and the game was released in 1992.

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I think it's even Harah telling you about the fish mouth.

I do think you can discover villages by flying blindly though. You don't have to "unlock" them by getting hints from people. Note, I do think there's "unlocking" involved in the case of some plot-relevant sietches.

Either way, you need a passenger to spot stuff, though.

Man, looking at these maps I keep being amazed at how they did that globe, back then.

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I did find villages etc. by taking passengers. Yes.

However, back then I was only 10 years old (19 ago) and didn't know what a fish was or meant. After all, I didn't learn English back then. So, I did fly blindly and sometimes it took forever. I guess, that's why I quit back then.

Now I saw people talking about the game. And I actually went and play last week on my dad's old pc.

Hoping to actually finish, this time.

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Hi guys,


I am new here and have a question that has been intriguing me for years. Has anyone ever seen the "castle"/"village" which is depicted behind Liet Kynes in the game intro? You can see it here: http://jenesuis.net/images_site/jeux/amiga/Dune/Dune%20(1992)(Virgin)(Fr)%5bcr%20FSN%5d(Disk%201%20of%203)_012.png


Thank you very much.



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