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First of all your page file is way too small !

Set it to minimum 374 MB Maximum to 999Mb.

Secondly, you didn't run the tests in Dx diag like I asked you.?

Thirdly, you Via chipset drivers are ancient ! download and install the latest drivers.

Also SP 1 service pack ! if necessary un-install Norton before installing the SP1 update.

To install the SP1 patch open Internet explorer and click on tools then on update.

Scan for updates and install SP1 first.

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hi rud

you have your monitor screen refresh rate set to 60Hz this is way to low and could be the cause of your split screen, change it to a minimun of 75 Hz , next try altering your screen resolution to 800 x 600 , and your colour quality to 16 bit , also try other screen resolutions not just 800 x 600 , and see if this gets rid of your split screen.

p.s. rud someone might try to rubbish my suggestion but try it anyway.

shy ::)

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Good points Shygirl !

I was going to suggest that, after he'd done the rest.lol

But his drivers are all old, really old.I know he has a 56K Modem, so that is maybe why he hasn't kept his drivers up to date.

Also if he's running processes like his TV Tuner card he'll be overloading his GPU anyway.

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i dont have 56 k modem its only in the computer but i dont use it we have cable and we have tv tuner on comp and camera and i've installed the latest drivers for my graphic card now.... it doesn't seem to work and what shygirl said doesn't work either. :'( :'(

and my tv tuner is off so he doesnt run and takes no cpu

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