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As I have said earlier you will probably have to re-install WIN XP !

The problem with WIN XP is that without the SP1 service pack, your CD rom doesn't recognise your Dune Installation CD properly, this means that when you install the data, it will be, or can be corrupted.

Once you have done all that, I suggested in my IM to you, create a shortcut to Dune on your desktop,press and hold down the ALT key and then whilst your still pressing ALT down, double click on the ICON from Dune,this will bring up the Compatability screen for the game.

Select Run in win 98 compatability, using 256 colours and 640 X 480 resolution.

Hope this helps ! :)

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be careful with SP1. We installed it on our nieghbours comp, and guess what? good old microsoft stuff buggered it up. it needed a full re-install of XP, therefor loosing all programs installed, or so it seemed, but strangely they were still there, but they werent there as they wouldnt run. the files were there, and the space they took up, but they didnt run. then, we tried downloading SP1, and as microsoft thought it would be a good idea to make it so that if you start installing SP1 over the internet, once you start it, if your connection cuts out, then you have to re-install WinXP. lucky us. that had to happen. oh the joys of 56k. so, we re-installed WinXP for the second time. after that, we had to re-install WinXP several times, all because of SP1. just warning you of the dangers of SP1. ;)

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I give up installing dune on this comp cuz i had to format the whole comp after installing sp1 and windows xp again ill wait for my new comp and if he doesnt work there either i wil break the CD in several pieces >:(

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