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EDO for Generals


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Ok, on Clan Wars I created a clanb for generals. It is called the EDO - Emperor Dune Oldies. If any of you old emperor players wanna join this clan for generals say "I". :D

*Hides behind a rock waiting the barrage of machine gun fire*

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Well, who wants to be part of the ED clan? Just like nobody would want to be part of a clan called "The Cyrenius Family." It just sound really dumb.

"Hi, my name's Ed. I have a clan." LOL. SPECIAL Ed, maybe.

EDO sounds cool, even if you don't know what the acronym stands for. Anyhow, keep the clan name "ED" if you want. I'm nobody to tell you what to do. Just offering my opinion. EB4DO would be kinda cool, don't you think? :D

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