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Favourite weapon


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Yes, but Crys Knife is almost useless if opponet has seen you, because the knife slash is slow and enemy has time to backpedal.

Also... With "voice" and still suit you are invulnerable. True.

And, it's irriatating how accurately they have calculated, how much ammunitation you use in mission. I mean, almost every mission ends so that you have 0 ammunitation for every weapon. I was stuck in the harvest level for few hours, but then I found the lazgun in the engine cooling room... Heh, it was camoflouged. Even one bullet shot in vain can mean death.

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It's ALWAYS in short, I mean, one guard takes 3 bullets 2 lazgun shots, and 1 maula, you start with 20, 15 and 3 (I've not yet completed the Harkonnen Fortress level, cause the HD exploded, and...), you will be very quickly in short... You have to start firefight in the fortress, Sardaukars will always catch you.

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