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Another Dune RPG?


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same timeline. . . only with the optio nof not going from A - B - C. In Frank Herbert's Dune it all was prety liniar. Not to mention Dune1. Make it so you can choose what you are going to do .. . get help from the Fremen . . cool down and be an anonimous citisen, mayby join the BG or Guild .. start an coupe d'etat with the Harkonnen's own men .. .who knows. Just not follow a storyline that has been preset.

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Well, since no one here that can has been reading the Sardaukar2000 Development Status thread, they wouldn't know this, but.... the Sardaukar2000 Game Engine will support RPG style games. Once we're done with the current game, we intend to make it available to who ever wants to make one, if not us :)

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