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Rebirth and Recognition


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Well, the Fed2k Network should be back up soon, which means that you can get back to downloading mods. Recently, alot of suprising events have taken place. Emperor modding is a constant roller coaster. It goes through a cycle of life so quickly that it is impossible to tell what stage it is at. The cycle is thus... Life, Death, Rebirth. It seems that Emperor modding, and Emperor continue to die and come back to life. But, the cycle seems to have temporarily stopped. This time not on death though, but on Rebirth. And let us hope that this generation of modders can keep it that way.

If you look back in history at how Emperor modding started, and what it has turned into today, you will be amazed at how far it has progressed. There are a few modders that were truly innovative, and led to the evolution of Emperor modding. You could say that they were pioneers, that led modding into a revolution. A few of these honorary people are...

Alphabeta4000 - The Author of many excellently made mini-mods. Probably the starter of the revolution, he gave modding a new look and stood by it during its rises and falls. He helped run the Dune Editing site for ages, and was one of the original Emperor Modders.

Nema Fakei - Nema is the original texturer of Emperor mods. He was one of the first people to explore the editing of sounds, unit structures and unit and building models. Without Nema, I would never of learned how to texture, and would still be in the blue about XBF files. He has and continues to be one of the biggest helps in all of Fed2k, and deserves everbody's respect.

Edric O - The Co-Author of the Kwisatz Haderach mod. The most innovative mod of it's time, changing Emperor Modding beyond belief. Without this mod, I do not know where we would be today. Edric has been a member of the Staff at Dune Editing for a long time, and is very deserving of the title.

Ghosty_Square - The other author of the Kwisatz Haderach mod. He did most of the coding in Kwisatz Haderach, and did an excellent job. He was one of the best modders of his time and had many innovative ideas. He served as a member of the Dune Editing staff and was a great help to all modders.

Voltirus - Ghosty_Square's second half. When Ghosty returned, Emperor modding was beginning to die. He came back under a new identity and a new modder. He began work on a revolutionary project that changed Emperor Modding again. He discovered many new possibilities in modding.

Adrian_Messecar and Scorpio9a - The creator of the XBF Vertice Editor, and DuneEX, two of the most helpful programs in the entire Emperor Modding world. Without the creation of these program, we would not be able to edit Emperor models, and we wouldn't be able to mod. They don't visit much, but if you catch them, they are very helpful.

Kingpin - A truly innovative thinker. He proved to be one of the best engineers in Emperor Modding. He used the knowledge that we had of Emperor at the time and used it to create ideas that were extremely helpful to all modders.

Apollyon - When Apollyon began to mod Emperor: Battle for Dune, Emperor was half-dead. Over time, he developed a style of modding that has yet to be replicated. Being a great writer, he is one of the best people to come up with ideas for mods. He has been a part of many different projects and is a great help to anyone who knocks on his door.

Let us hope that our new generation of modders can lead Emperor Modding to Life again.

These Mod Projects should be a nice little boost also:

Kwisatz Haderach 3

Corrino's Revenge 2

Shai Hulud

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Nice of you Salvatore :) Though you might have wanted to include some more recent modders. Like I've been here for a while, but Timenn and DukeLeto are more recently starting to do really good mods. Timenn's textures are fantastic, the best I've ever seen, and DukeLeto is really creative and capable aswell. You took the recognition bit in the past rather then focusing on people who would further facilitate Emperor Modding's longevity. Sorry for the critique, lol, just been so long since we had any news :P

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