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The funnies moments when playing Emperor: Battle for Dune


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Well yesterday.. i don't know if it was funny or not.. I (newbie) and Brennq (master) were playing a 2vs2 vs. Warskum and Pointybum. The two enemies were unable to hold the massive Brennq and my little extra units and thus we won. However when they were defeated Brennq disallied and kinda eredicated me. I lost my units in the most stupid ways and well... he won ofcourse... nonetheless it was just for fun... he didn't completely kill me even.

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Lol, that's what you do once you win ;)

I've never played Emp online, lol, but I remember one occassion when I was playing against a few CPUs, and while I was building some units in the corner, what looked like a huge infantry guy flashed across the screen. I was shocked, so I kept looking back there at the worst times to see if the bug would rear it's head again... it did once or twice, but I lost miserably ;)

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I can't play in games...I lag too much being in Asia and try to play against guys back in the states.

BUUUT, I met up with this guy in Korea and played a Co'op mission with him. We were doing good but on this one mission, he had to do something...for 10 minutes. So I had to fend off the Tleilaxu myself. Then a guy IMed me and my computer minimized Dune and I was kicked off the net game. lmao...now I learn to ONLY have Appear Offline when I play games and not "Busy" or something.

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It's been mentioned before, but for the purposes of this thread, I'll mention it again.

Map was Sandy Pass, 10k, no pre-built, nothing on.

I was Harkonnen, and my opponent was Atreides.

My BO was:




etc, etc etc

When my scouts reached the opposite rock platform where the enemy was, I was amazed at what I saw.

I saw an Atreides Construction yard, and a windtrap... with WALLS popping up around it. I was laughing so hard I decided not to rush for awhile, and wait and see what he built next.

5 minutes later, he was still building his walls, then when his construction yard was completely shut off, I saw another windtrap pop up inside the walled off area, where his first windtrap was also located.

By that time, I already had a factory, a hanger, and an additional refinery along with the stuff I'd already built. I had a mob of infantry/troopers, and buzzsaws/assault tanks. I also had 3-4 gunships, and was working on getting more. A starport was also under construction.

Finally, his refinery popped up, followed shortly by a barracks and factory. I was getting bored by then, so I sent over my units and killed him.

I asked him how long he'd been playing, and got no response. :P

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Heh, I tried very hard to try to get some communcation from him. I even told him how to chat, when I wasn't sure he knew how. It was futile. :(

About the killing him off part:

How do you think people learn how to play? :)

I remember when I had first mastered the single player game. I thought I was doing everything right, from the way I built my base and managed my forces.

I try my hand against other people online. I got my butt handed to me 10 times over. I knew I was doing something wrong, and had to change the way I played. :)

Sometimes, people are better off getting killed. It makes them learn faster. Harsh yes, but true.

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I don't think you handled the situaton wrong, sorry if i made you feel that way. But yes for a first game online, to see if it's any fun and then get completely annihilated so easily :) probaly made him think twice lol.

ah well, there wasn't anything you could do about it anyway, at least you didn't call him n00b, idiot and moron in his face like some others do (i will not call names)

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