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Forgotten unit


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It isn't a so bad unit. But there are better units you can use.

The Guild Maker can do alot of damage, but he is "weak" armored, and very slow.

And there are tanks who can easily replace this Guild Maker.

It is not that the unit is so very bad. But there better units, so why use the Guild Maker?

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You will see that one very often.

The NIAB tank has very strong firepower, is fast and has some armor and selfrepair. But most important: it can teleport.

The only disadvantage of that is the NIAB tank is frozen for some seconds after a teleport.

Try it that one out

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The NIAB tanks were a common sight on WOL as far as I can remember[that is if a n00b forgets to say "no guild or I will kick!"]but makers were not that common due to their slow speed and light armor.But their attack is rather magnificent,but not too good.

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