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  1. Its likely due to directx sound acceleration go Start---> Run----> dxdiag type the dxdiag and hit ok go to sound tab and find the sound acceleration slider, by default it is set to full acceleration, set it to basic acceleration and hit close and try your game now. works on C&C95, have not tested dune but likely works same.
  2. Yes, this particular feature is not defined in rules, its mainly in the art model of unit/building and editing it there is pretty much impossible AFAIK.
  3. Nothing appears buildable until you get rid of LoadFlagOnlyPreplaced, to sum it up for clarity but otherwise your spot on and you may need to check the House= (owner) is correct. anyway some of those things that aren't buildable don't even work right, say enabling ORGeneral (Ordos General) or HKGeneral...can be built sure but they lack firing anims in model so weapon coded or not, unable to fire or some things crash game instantly so remember your changes with undo in mind :P Check Nema Fakei's modding guide site http://www.geocities.com/nemafakei/ which explain many things in detail. You can pick your poison...xD
  4. Well, first of all, I would advise editing manually with using say wordpad and additions you can do but not too much as declaration limit is mean thing. Making stuff buildable is often just to add the proper prerequisite entry into them (PrimaryBuilding= & SecondaryBuilding= optionally) but making that guild flyer buildable as it is, isnt much good since model art can't fire. also making these things buildable, you have to most of the time edit the Artini.txt and make sure the unit you want available does not have LoadFlagOnlyPreplaced on its art entry or else it will not be loaded except when it has been placed in maps and then of course give it a build icon [FRFremen] Icon = "iconsFR_Fremen.tga" IconGrey = "iconsgrey_FR_Fremen.tga" Xaf = "FR_Fremen" SideBarType = "Infantry" for example,the fremen infantry entry. good luck with modding ;)
  5. Thanks, I initially used paint shop pro but it caused emperor to begin crashing when saving with that so i resaved again with photoshop and it worked except for remaps... I'll attach a picture to show..look at infantry..their remap works while buildings stay blue remap after my tga edits...no other glitches but Ill take your advice and try GIMP, got msn etc btw? :)
  6. Hey all, since I began my modding emperor project again and have been experimenting with reshading the texture tgas for sides artwork but i endup making remap colors (house color) into one color that not change for player so what color is the remap in it and what methods did the other mods use to do this stuff? also I enabled some of those unused explosions but unfortunately some appear not have sound hooks in them so is there any way to insert one? I am very well familiar with hex editing them in files where they are present but when not present, i don't know if it can be put anywhere in it to be read... :-
  7. I also wonder same thing, I got some of it but of course not all of them. :(
  8. Well, I haven't had any problems inserting new and then having game play them but should maybe have you test it then, just need to find fitting sounds now since worked out new *.cmp adding too but i guess my findings came too late. :-
  9. Just curious if much audio modding was done in general as most emperor mods i've seen didn't add any new audio? either way, my research modding tests have allowed me to even add unit voices with MP3 fully working!!! If you wanna use mp3 sfx, just bagtool mp3 files into audio.bag and just link to it from the sound sfx txt files as normal with just filename (no extension) as game is wise enough to seek for name.MP3 Just one note, the MP3 needs to be CBR (Constant Bit Rate) and in my test i used the 64 kbps bit rate, 22050 frequency and mono (i believe stereo works fine too) Those values for mp3 i took from few mp3 files in the dialog.bag of any emperor cd as seems few longer speeches were made as mp3 thus my leap to trying mp3 directly for unit voices with success. ;D
  10. That brings a question to my mind... does the soundtrack CD have also music tracks not in the game? if it does, I'd be interested.
  11. The bag tool one didn't work.. the wav file to come out was unplayable in my media player...if anyone can find the tool, let me know. ;)
  12. Yes, I mean them. I'd like to make them normal wav and maybe even convert new ones in their place...
  13. Hi. Anyone know a converter or a way to do it? ??? would be appreciated :)
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