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  1. If you play at hard the atreides will use their hawkstrike everytime, which is really annoying when you just gather forces. when you managed to produce devastators, do so, since they are usally to slow to leave the map before the hawkstrike ist over. the most significant unit in this mission and with every house is, as mentioned, the ix-projector. especially when you play as hark and try to wipe out the ordos base southwest. they produce lasertank in such a great number If you wait to long you will engage a 100+tankforce that will launch an attack sooner or later in game. They easy shoot 10+ devastators befor they can even return fire. I never managed this until I used the ix-projector to copy these lasertanks fast in great numbers too. when they fire they explode in return because of the energy-shield. this way one projected tank takes out a real tank, at least in theory - when they concentrate fire on one tank, they will explode anyway so keep your ix-man projectoring all the time. If you have to deal there with harkonnen use the projector-tank with the missle-tank. one missle-blast takes out a standard tank, so a great number of them will win against a great number of tanks. to defend minos and sonic-tanks I prefer a group of 2-3 missle-tanks with personal micromanagement (fire missles and retreat immediatly); inkvine does the infantry. Build your factory on the east side of the starting cliff to have units straight into battle. after the first rush from southwest base there will be a tough encounter from the west. place as many towers at the southeast corner of the cliff and let them do the hard part of the job. when you have deviators against you, they cant confuse towers. With all houses clean the north rock (with enemy towers and windtraps) as soon as possible and place several Minos (atr) or Inkvines(Hark) on the top but watch out. Enemy Minos and Inkvines will try to shoot them down so in case of remove your units to the western corner. leave 2-3 missle-tanks on top for defense since air-units or niab-tanks will come around. advantage: units on top cannot leave battlefield although hawkstriked. the atr-palace is always at the southend of the large eastern rock formation and should be taken out as soon as possible. As hark I never use the mega-cannon. It is pretty crap. btw, the mega-cannon in the cotl-mod is whta a real mega-cannon should be ;)
  2. while playing the last mission (emperor worm) as landsraad, mentat is talking about medical-supply-charges heading for the enemy over and over again but I didnt encounter something alike on the map. is he serious? I like the new units, but anyway, with the superweapon-missle-thing this mission is somehow to easy even at high difficulty - just stay on the cliff and blow anything away. It is a bit still there, I finished the mission killing only about 300 enemy units where my bodycount in the original with atr is at 966 enemy units. but what I really like are the mod-turrets. they are now as though and deadly as they should be. great work!
  3. hello again, I tried this on the imperial civil war mod, that didn work before. To turn off the duplicate-entry-error I had to add all the files in the mod-string-folder and replace the original localized german-txt-files with them. And finally erase the now useless string-folder (otherwise there would be still double entries). It works, although the gui-texts in-game are still german. well, nobodys perfect ;) But still I wonder that this topic isnt discussed more round here. I cant imagine that only a fistfull of players encountered it -at least I hope that its not due to my dizzy brain so that anybody else here didnt bother that much. there must be localized versions in french, spain, whatever, suffering from similar problems. it be a shame to exclude them from all the fantastic & creative stuff made here. now I got 3 versions of emperor running on my system. after the mod-problem beat me down several times, now its time to beat the enemy ;)
  4. here we go from the cotl-file i got from d2k, the files you mentioned were all located in data/strings/ simply renaming did do it, there where still doublettes, but i finally found a solution after picking that duneEx-tool. the german version has none of these files, either a "string"-folder. so I had to open the file STRINGS0001.RFH right in the data-folder with duneEx. here were the questioned files. as you suggested, they all started with G instead of E. I added the following files to STRINGS0001.RFH, renamed them and deleted the old german versions this way: E_Output_Extra_Text_Pickups.txt => G_Output_Extra_Pickup.txt E_Output_Pickup.txt => G_Output_Pickup.txt E_Output_Text_Pickup.txt => G_Output_Text_Pickup.txt Text strings.txt => G_Output_Text.txt UISPOKEN.txt => G_Output_UI.txt kept your other files in your string-folder. causes no trouble. now everything seems just fine. all new ingame-messages work, but still hear the associated german voices data ;) game didn crush afterwards - only my taskforce got beaten up by corrino-sardaukar. these guys are bloody hell! at least the landsraad-trooper comes in handy and reinforcements means big reinforcements. long live the fighters!
  5. okay, finally i found something else in the sfx-folder, in the DIALOG.TXT a comment saying: "Unit responses were under dialog-system that are now called under sfx". my problem: how do I access the double entries? I couldnt even discover a file named G_output_extra_text_pickups.txt (actually there is an E_output_extra_text_pickups.txt in my sfx-folder) what really confuses me. How do I get rid off that second entry? Can I erase or replace one of them? So wehre do I find it? Is this data part of one of the big package-files? Do I need a special tool to do this?
  6. thanks for your advice. I will try this and post the result.
  7. hello dune-editors, first i must appreciate your efforts, though i can't take much of it. all mods i tried (actually conflict of the landsraad, corino expansion and imp civil war) didnt work well. first they did nothing but crash everything down, with "duplicate string entry file g_output_text_pickup.txt" leading to an abnormal programm termination. although i didnt get it, it seems no good. after scanning the archiv here on the forum i discovered the hint to erase the string-folder of the mod. that helped well, but, unfortunatly, while in progress (example landsraad) game crashes sooner or later. but, their must be some other solution, besides getting off that "string" folder. somehow i'm a bit surprised, that these problems are not mentioned here (or did i miss that?). the anamnesis-story so far: after my old ebfd-game went off i got myself another version at ebay. this was the german release 1.04, which didnt go on with all the map-packs at all. so i used the 1.09 german patch, and now editor and user-maps work fine - but not the mods. i realized that the structure of the mod-game-files are different from my original game-files. does anyone here around mentioned something similar? can this cause the duplicate string entry error? greets an waiting for advises gxbth
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