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  1. Wow. Just as a postscript. I have never seen such tragedy as the dissolution of the marriage of my best friend, ErasOmnius (E/O). Sudden and ferocious. Terrible for their children. Seeing such, I have endeavored in my life to 'be right' less, and to be kind more. He and his wife were like to people who always had to be 'right', and now because of the cataclysm of their each being 'right'. They are each now completely alone, with teenage children crying.
  2. Weep and mourn, Jack Layton has passed away.
  3. Happy Birthday to Me...Mappy Birthday to Me...Mappy Burfday dear Curtis..... thinking I've been drinking a bit much.
  4. No, really someone has to start making some tough decisions, from the top. Do we want everyone to have an auto? Do we want everyone to be able to afford one? Or maybe not? When we talk about the robots replacing humans, we know that robots cannot buy those same autos. So somewhere along the economic way, someone has to PLAN the economy. Not this unbridled capitalism that shifts jobs around the globe in a dizzying way, just because some corp's stock price will go up $1.50 for the week. Someone has to say stop because the current system is broke. Those poor kids out in the streets of Britain are
  5. I have to agree with Dante. This is the cause of the New Left, simply to find jobs for the common man. Good manufacturing jobs, with skilled trades. Actually building something with your hands, and getting paid a decent wage doing so. The robots have come and have displaced a good fraction of those poor teens and twenty somethings off the assembly line, and into the streets. The other part of the jobs have gone east, and are being done by people who are nothing more than slaves. I don't know the particulars of what is exactly happening in Great Britain, but it seems to be a common theme around
  6. Did Greece have a 2004 Summer Olympics that they could not afford, doubling of the percentage of debt? Same thing with US in 2002 Salt Lake City. Italy's up the toilet, and they hosted 2006 Torino. I'm seeing a pattern here.
  7. TheCurtOne


    Yeah, I'm semi-pi$$ed that some of the news outlets called him a "Christian". Don't know where it says that Christ wanted to gun down teenagers.
  8. Well, take care everyone. I only joined because my friend asked me too. And now he's gone, or been banned permanently. I think that in a way it's a good thing that EO has been set free from this place. He can stop crying, worrying, getting mad, at the goings on, here at the Dune 2000 debating forum. My only hope is that he doesn't go back to the place where they'll always accept anyone who agrees with them, at Brian Herbert and K Anderson's place. ha ha
  9. Seems like all of the Saudi Arabian students that are taking classes abroad would want to try to "open" their country up once they get back home. Once someone gets the taste of the "democracy bug", it would seem that they would not want to go back into the box of a monarchical dictatorship. Although I see from this news article that the gov't is basically funding and paying for everything for their students abroad. Sounds like an interesting system of keeping everyone in line. I think from this article which is from the Organization of Islamic Conference observers and members in Kazakhstan t
  10. So that's it? Good God man... That's your counter argument? "Good God man...hand me the brandy and another cigar." Not a very strong counter argument. Of course the engineer or tool and die tradesman in the Nw of Europe or North America is going to have more educational opportunities than people elsewhere. But that doesn't mean that they should necessarily be paid more. If people who are continually more and better trained, earn substanially greater amounts of money than those who are not, then mass immigration will never stop. There have to be mandatory wage parameters across Europe, across N
  11. My whole point is, there probably needs to be greater integration in the European Union. The rights of trade union workers in Germany, Scandinavia, and Great Britain, which are high, need to become continent wide. This way, mass immigration from East to West across Europe will cease, and new EU countries can develop their middle class. Even in white collar fields like engineers, the gap is too great when one compares salaries across Europe. Hey, this issue cost the former PM of Great Britain his job last year when he couldn't or wouldn't explain himself on the issue of cross EU immigration
  12. You asked for Van Halen? Here's the REAL Van Halen, with Sammy Hagar The personal info issue. Is that something I am doing?
  13. I am trying to figure out of the Saudi gov't is trying to protect the birthplace of Islam, which doesn't really seem to be all that anti-Hebrew. Or if they are simply anti-Semites. Or maybe it's the Palestinian problem. The Saudi gov't isn't talking much about the whole event that they are causing. They should at least release some kind of statement. WAIT: This just in a few minutes ago: Saudi Arabia denies discriminating against Jewish passengers. After reading this, it seems that many of the parrties involved are in denial. Delta, the Saudi gov't, others.
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