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  1. ah i see. Did not know prices went up and down based on your actions. Man this game never ceases to amaze!
  2. Excess on the Orient Express is the 8th mission in the classic campaign of the game. Its about the development of the European Orient Express during the mid to late 1800's. These were the win conditions. We start at 1850 Bronze: Connect Paris to Constantinople and haul 24 loads between the two cities by 1889. Silver: Same as above, but by 1887. Gold: Same as above, but by 1883. Essentially this is a "coast to coast" map. But unlike the American or Canadian "coast to coast" maps, you have the added challenge of purchasing territory from all the countries in between. So you need to co
  3. I must admit, the Railroad Tycoon II financial stock market model is unparalleled in any other games to date in terms of complexity and realism. Essentially its another game within a game! Kudos to the PopTop team. p.s “Nobody knows if a stock is going to go up, down, sideways or in circles. You know what a fugazi is?” “Fugayzi, it’s a fake.” “Fugayzi, fugazi. It’s a whazy. It’s a woozie. It’s fairy dust. It doesn’t exist. It’s never landed. It is no matter. It’s not on the elemental chart. It’s not f’ing real.”
  4. Birth of an Iron Horse is the seventh mission in the classic campaign of the game Railroad Tycoon II. Set in England, this mission is all about the 'personal net worth' and the stock market! These were the win conditions. We start at 1835Bronze: Highest Player Net Worth in 1855. Silver: Also have a player net worth of $10 million Gold: All of the above, but player net worth at $20 million. Company must also be sole-surviving railroad. So as this was a stock market game rather than a raid road scenario, i quickly setup routes between 3 important cities in south coast of England, which st
  5. Thanks @akuenziand @Silverback I understand. Any game nowdays has YouTube strategy guide these days. But i wonder how many players even play RRT2 these days maybe few thousand worldwide. I absolutely loved the Robber Baron guide thanks for suggesting!
  6. Ah i see so River bridges are double track but Ocean bridges are single only.
  7. Interesting that the RRT2 team added Ocean bridges in the expansion!
  8. Crossing the Great Divide is the sixth mission in the classic campaign. Essentially, its about the construction of the Canadian Pacific's transcontinental railroad during the late 1800's. These were the win conditions. We start at 1868 Bronze: Connect Halifax to Vancouver and haul six loads between the two cities by 1896. Silver: Also have a company book value of $20 million. Gold: All of the above, but company book value of $50 million. We either start at Halifax or Vancouver. I decided to start at Halifax, as historically we go from east to west. The logical thing to do was to connect
  9. Atlantic was awesome at the start but man it sucks on grades, so i did not opt for it. I guess i could take it as a challenge.
  10. Wow. Thanks for the detailed reply. I guess i fell for the Missoula offer took a route that was not optimal! Increasing throttle is something i never did. Interesting tip.
  11. I just finished playing the fifth mission of the classic campaign of Railroad Tycoon II. The essence of the scenario is the tour of the American northwest of Teddy Roosevelt in his election campaign of 1904. You start on Jan 1st and to get gold, we need to visit 16 stations by midnight January 14 (Jan 15). We have 3 choices of locomotives Choice 1: 4-4-2 Atlantic locomotive. Choice 2: 2-6-0 Mogul locomotive Choice 3: 2-6-0 Camelback locomotive I chose the Camelback, which had great grade performance and i knew going west would be full of grades. the blue way
  12. You could ship lumber to multiple cities, that way the demand value does not go down. I guess the profitability of the mill depends on how much the town is paying for the mill's goods?
  13. Hey guys, Hope all of you are doing good. Another weekend. More RRT2 fun! I got the RRT2 Platinum CD in 2007 and its been more than 13 years and i still have not played the full campaigns, as i was only into scenarios! Am enjoying them now. I have one question, that pops up when i play he 'personal net worth' quests. Take a look at the screenshot. In one playthrough, got 100% ownership of a company. But then i issued stock but before i could buy them, the AI guy (Edward Henry) got 4000 of them. Is it possible to get his 4000 shares? Point is i want to get back the 100%
  14. Hi Jeff, Never observed that. They quickly move on to Atlantics and then Pacifics. I will lookout for that one. Best,
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