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  1. Thought I'd post an update for anyone else who needs this later. So with Hamachi we've been able to play against each other with LAN, however after diving deeper into the research hole I found the history of WOL, XWIS and the code hanging around, but as far as I can tell Co-op is now impossible to play, which is incredibly sad. We're probably not going to spend long with Emperor, Dune 2000 just offers a better experience.
  2. The original was created as a tie-in with the movie license, with the new movie we could get new games. I know about the issues with re-releasing the games we have, I got the same explanation from Rade back when I emailed him at Petroglyph and got redirected to EA and Universal etc. While Warner Bros. is distributing the new movie, I haven't seen anything about Legendary's plans for other media (and they already had a massive fight over HBO Max), however I remember hearing they'd managed to get a pretty long license which is the kinda thing EA could see as a chance to get a few games in. I will look into this, thanks
  3. Hey everybody, my sister and I have been playing Dune 2000 for around 18 years now (think we're gonna need a 3rd disc soon), so we figured it's probably time to upgrade to the sequel. I'd heard that it has a co-op campaign which sounds pretty cool, but I can't figure out how to host one myself (didn't even see the option in LAN) and I know the servers are loooong gone, so I was wondering if anyone here knows how to host a happy little family session. I'm still hoping EA will let Westwood revive the franchise like they just did with C&C, but until then I'd like to catch up on a few years of missed gameplay.
  4. Ok the folder renaming worked, not sure why I couldn't find any of those posts when I was trying to DIY it :/ As for the main menu as far as I can tell it's inly accessible if you launch the game and then back out e.g. launch mission select (Atreides/Harkonnen/Ordos/Mercenaries) and instead of choosing one you click the back button in the top left. Other than that I can't find a .exe to do the classic eyes staring with the atmospheric music leading into a smooth menu fade in. Since this topic was for the video card stuff feel free to close it, my next one will be about the horrible effects of Alt+Tab :)
  5. Hello, I've been playing the Gruntmod version of Dune 2000 for a while now with ni problems, but I finally decided to update it and now I get this error message every time. I know there's plenty of posts about it and even after going through everything in the config, using the ini to add RunIWindow=Yes, checking the manual, checkinh my compatibility settings, doing multiple clean reinstalls, and offering my soul to the Baron, I still can't run anything other than game setup for a Skirmish (but then can't run the game I just setup :/ ) Any insight as to what the problem could be is greatly appreciated. I'm on Windows 10, no compatibility settings are active, I've gone through every config option and even did the ini. Also since I made an account just for this post I might as well ask; why did you do away with the Main menu? replacing it with a launcher was one of the worst changes I've ever seen, please bring it back.
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