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  1. The new Arrakis Map, and method of defining Regions. The Hex grid will be useful for managing and balancing and generating things like global weather conditions. we now navigate the map to some amount left and right. As you can see i have been developing this version of the game for 5 sol 109 hours. Well. Not really, the code has been keeping track of its start date and how long its been since.
  2. Lore, Idea's, Opinons, Corrections, Welcome.
  3. heres a great progress report; Cut CHOAM, SMUGGLERS from playable factions list, have other plans for them. This roster is looking solid to me. I don't want to over-do it with factions I think the above is just right. Fremen, Choam, Smugglers will play into the game in their own way. Mainly because smugglers are generic; and Arakeen smugglers are Arrakis Based. They will offer services of whom some factions will receive discounts on usage. CHOAM is a shared corporation that changes hands, and we will have something similar going on here, where we can buy from choam and buy into choam. To make choam something we can gain full shareholding control of , as another layer of economy/power. And we know what we'll do with Fremen and that is these will interfere on the map, and will populate some areas of the map at the beginning of the game by default. They are each basically three sub, or story factions that we can share out some bonuses for over our current roster in order to make gameplay more unique than just units for each faction. I have taken a look into the Richese but they seem to be replaced or related to Ix, or at least they share a homeworld/are the ancestors(I am not entirely sure).
  4. Thanks Bro this wheel turns with the click of our white buttons bottom left. The top faction is previewed in the description. We select the Players faction for the game before initiating the Game. We wont show specific faction bonuses here. This will be available to view once the faction has been selected; in the Home Planet overview. I have chosen the Throne for the Bene Gesserit; and a the white circle is to represent Smugglers. but nothings permenant or finished yet so. Everything subject to change.
  5. Not Given up BTW I have just rewrote the entire game from scratch yesterday; in dynamic PC resolutions; I did so so I could implement some mechanics I overlooked. The gpx are more streamline and less lights are used. I am also making gpx from scratch incase I decide to release this game officially. We have also named all of the Base locations unique names; and regions unique names from the books and games. There are now 11 standard Factions and one gamespeed, Homeworld Planet Screens with more Homeworld development and trade Mechanics. There is a 3D globe of dune in addition to the strategic map that we can rotate. This 3D planet rotates in real time over the course of 24 hours. We will indeed develop a portion of the homeworld; to build our landing force for Dune prior to establishment. The primary MCV force must be constructed prior to selection of Landing Zone on dune. Each faction will land on Dune at different times; when they are prepared. It will not be mandatory to land on dune, and players could perform some operations on the homeworld prior to entering dune. I will post screens and info when more is ready. But for now we are on a new version project built from scratch using the original demo as a guide. here is the new Empire Overview screen; it is still unfinished; we now count the Orbit(year) the Lunar(month) and the Sol(day); The Length is indicating the total length of the current game. Which is 24 hours. Tleilaxu is on their 24th Turn. We can click the strategic map to open the strategic map view As the player is disadvantaged to the AI as the player needs to sleep in real life; the player doesn't receive a turn. Only AI factions receive movement turns. The player can move and make decisions as often as they like; so the faction that the player chooses will not be allocated a 6 minute turn schedule in the turn cycle. This is now purely an AI mechanic; giving life to the AI players in real time.
  6. Tleilaxu --- 50% chance to convert defeated infantry into Contaminators; Tleilaxu and Allies receive 25% discount on Tleilaxu Technology at the Technology Market Tleilaxu Technology purchased from the Technology Market is quicker, stronger and more effective. Unique Unit: Ghola House of Ix --- Structure and Vehicles repair at double rate Allies receive a 20% discount on their Unique Unit; Windtraps produce 20% more power Ix receive 20% discount on Ixian technology at the technology market. Unique Unit: Projector Bene Gesserit --- For each ally of the Bene Gesserit gain +1 remote viewer Each ally receives a 5% overall combat boost When in an alliance; receive a 20% discount on their allies mercenaries Can purchase Diplomatic Points with Credits (multiplying x2 with each purchase) Atreides --- Aircraft are cheaper Alliance decay at half speed 60% chance a fremen encounter is recruited 100% if a recruited fremen is in the discovering party. Harkonen -- Vehicles are stronger Alliances decay at double rate Convention Penalities last half as long.. and recover twice as fast. Ordos -- Increased loot from Raids Decreased chance of uncovering stealth units Recon Units are 50% more effective Scouts are undetectable when still Guild -- Exports cash at double rate Factories require more power Starport deliveries are cheaper and Starport orders are delivered sooner. Corrino -- Starts with a Palace Cannot break convention Increased shares if another player breaks convention Infantry highly resistant to storms Smugglers -- Technology market is cheaper Smugglers and Allies receive 50% Discount on Smugglers Services at Starport Starport stock limits less often Stealth units are more effective
  7. More divisions of territory? yes I agree. I had to knock off earlier so I couldn't continue much work; but I am about to set down and do some more work. Earlier I built the system for the construction of buildings; whereby we select a baselocation; and if we are the house of that baselocation; and we click the refinery button... From here; if we have the credits; we can build the structure; which then activates a countdown clock which reads from a variable buildtime, takes credits from house; and such doing this flips a bool Constructing = true; and for the duration of the countdown constructing remains true, until the countdown is at 0 and construction is complete ---> when once again constructing = false. So given the funds you could just construct another one straight away. Interesting part about this is on Application.Quit we don't need to carry as much information as we do when we are processing turns. Here we just save the simple information of the base contents and its owner; and the actual real time with date/month/year that the building would be constructed by. Which is just 30 seconds. But if we were to switch off for more than 30 seconds we could return to a complete building; and a harvester waiting to be tasked. So lets crack on and fix this system up to a high standard. Things we will get as a result of writing code like this ---> 1. Dynamic cost of all units and structure which could be unique per House. This is oppose to having the construction and building prerequisites and other information be a universal script that is referenced by all houses. So basically I am not 100% sure where I am going to put the prerequisite, buildspeed variables etc; atm the are in base locations; but we will probably reach into the house script to pull these unique prices and values for structures/units. anyway enough writing; i'll grab a beer and crack on- ---------- Hey yo if anyone wants to help I could use a list of base prices from the .ini of D2k with all house units and structures; before modifiers are applied.
  8. furthermore; each time a harvester makes a successful deposit ;; lets save a log of the time and amount deposited. So that a base owner(and any observers) can keep track of a history of events at this base location. ----- Okay; like a base location; here is a spice field script. These guys sit on the map; and harvesters from nearby bases would be tasked to visit them and mine their spice. Soon we could specify a number of zones in each region to spawn; to randomly generate spicefields or base locations in each region (with some limits; like min amount of base location spawns) with each new game. As so the map content can be shuffled each new game. ++for replayability; and dynamic AI. For the time being; lets build a refinery; and task a harvester. Okay; so before we rush into harvesting spice from spice fields; we'll need to make a buildmenu for this base location. I guess the first category we'll need is Spice. we can worry about power afterwoulds. So lets start off by building the structure in the base location; and we will use the original D2K icons; and the familiar build method. While building; all other buildings would be off limits until construction complete. Buildings cannot be queued. You build it; and come back when its finished. Lets add some of these variables to the script; such as Refinery Count; Silo Count; Harvester Count
  9. Regarding small House Icons to indicate the owner --> YES!! or it will be player colours; But ofc; the player will only know that there is an enemy base there if they have discovered it; or are observing the area. I was also thinking about Tleilaxu, Ix and Fremen as playables again, Particularly Ix. But I might backtrack on the Fremen; as in order for the Atreides to play the way that we know them to play -- they need access to fremen warriors. Or it would be cool rather that the Atreides play style is to some extent focussing on rallying fremen. It just suits their character more. Again, maybe fremen can lock away some base locations; and cause havoc for harvesters and all sides when we start reaching deeper into the map; where an atreides advantage would come into effect; and it would also be the same sort of time that Harkonen atomics, and other methods of breaking convention would come into play. other methods might include sabotage an enemy starliner to starport delivery. Which would be illegal via Convention. But it could carry a 50% chance of not being discovered, so we add a gamble mechanic to these things. An atomic will get discovered; but an atomic will have much more of a significant effect; where to most factions the convention penalty for doing so would be stagnating; much like the use of an atomic would be to the targets base. Corrino would lack access to any and all methods to break the convention entirely as their main debuffs And these debuffs are suppose to be sort of neither good nor bad; so its not a bad thing that corrino cant break the convention; because they benefit when others do. Just as its not bad that harkonen alliances decay at double rate; as it can get them out of relationships that are turning sour quickly; but at the same time; can put them behind if others form unions. Its kind of a -- good and bad thing to have. Atriedes ofcourse gets the exact opposite. They struggle to break alliances; which again can be good or bad. When I look at the plan for the smugglers truth is most of that I had ramshackled from ix and tleilaxu designs; and it might be best that the smugglers are providing illegal technologies and offering stealth transport services. Starport rental from specific location. Sort of like Ra2 Tech Buildings. We say the same about Mercenaries. Idk though lets see what rolls out over time. ps 1. I should probably put a starscape instead of black background 2. I wanna redesign that sidebar heres an image of some of the timekeeper script properties; GameSpeed = 0.2 translates to turns that last 11 seconds, and a turn cycle of 11*6. See how the time is logged above it ^^ ComingCycle, NextCycle, Next Turn; Coming Turn. This is a translated system clock(with date year month) in a binary value. this will prevent time cheating. As this one(and by one I mean the concept) actually checks the length of time in the date change; and if a date change is detected that is less than the date and time that you last played --> you will be known cheating. These values are autosaved on Application.quit; So given you close the application in a realistic way these guys save; and reload when you open again. And they will also know how long ago you last checked. So any production or other variables tied into the time stores will also know that they had been completed a long time ago; and such; if it was a building for example that provides a benefit --> it could then use the time to calculate what you should have as a result. Credits for example. What is important here is that the game needs to know which faction was next turn; so that when the algorithm figures out in 2 weeks time that 2 weeks ago you set up a base; and then closed the app and it was guilds turn; on the 14th of bla bla on the 2020 at 00:34:21; So that without the use of a Server; we can mathematically figure out exactly where the game should be on relaunch. Useful stuff. And the whole system should work well; and hold up. I guess even jumping forward in time; you could cheat; but u know; I am not so sure. But never the less, no matter. Exploits exploits. For as long as the system can process your credits; and advance some AI progress -- in your absence. I am happy. The Entire Script Begin implanting BaseLocations Houses You might notice there are 6 houses, and 6 factions. Current Data of a House Script (randomly selected) They generated 85 credits, 17 diplomacy points; from a homeworld income of 5; while I left the game idle. Heres what gets selected when you click a base location; at the moment no data is transferred. It only registers as selected and lights up; while all unselected dim. We will pass the house script in order to register the Base Owner. A Base Location with structures; could potentially still be taken by an overwhelming non-destructive force; by changing the base owner. Structures at a base locations; will be best tied into to individual BaseLocation scripts(of which there are currently 15 of, in those dots) SPECIFICALLY Spice IN Silos' will be tied to base location. CREDITS are assigned to the House. Spice in Silo lower the cost of production from Barracks Factory; these units more expensive this way using credits. Only at starport. This is why you might store spice in silos at all. Instead of converting it all to credits. No, Spice is more efficient. Spice is your actual Wealth. The powerful stuff. Spice is how you get stuff done quickly. Production should be fast; production with credits should be expensive, production with spice is a breeze. With the idea that ; with the amount of credits you make --> exporting spice; if you spent those credits on unit production from a factory then you would be at a loss as to how much you can manufacture with it, compared to putting it in a silo and spending it on units. As so you are encouraged to store spice; and spend spice; while doing so makes you a target; you then need military and off we go. 111 this be useful for getting the AI to know whose got powerful bases and who doesn't. And it can be a variable to encourage AI to raid.
  10. Spacing Guild ^^ pretty basic Themed Harkonen improvement. Ima make an Ordos Lets make this game guys; I will take all your input and create to high standard of specifications and strategic requirements. and yes I agree; might be too much up there, But I also think there should be a nice variation in general; some with 5 locations, some with 8 locations. And we also wouldn't mind some level of random-gen so that each game the map is somewhat differnt. Which Ordos logo do you prefer? I like the Dune2k one to the Emperor one; but its hard to get a HQ rip of it.
  11. I will have to improve on the Harkonen design to match this standard; although these symbols should display for each faction whenever it is that players turn. Yes the dots in the corner I am testing out methods to make base building - and zone control viable. One method is to have some preset base locations. and player fight over control of these zones; as each zone, however some zones could be spice grounds; where nearby bases send harvesters and ultimately end up competing for control of the spice. So maybe many of those dots would be spice fields; but a few of those dots are base locations. If you were to control all dots --- we would highlight the zone as the Houses territory.
  12. 4 Okay the map and GPX aren't perfect yet, but here I have a system where we have some base locations in the region, and we can select a base location; and pull up some info on it. Though the content of this information is yet to be implemented. Here, the selected location is highlighted in red; and this will be considered a base location. and the amount of buildspace available here will be defined by some Region Stats; which will contain all of that Inf Rock, Sand, Rock percentage; that defines how much space each base has; so that locations can be specialized for purpose in the future. p.s I wasn't sure how many base locations I should put in the regions; so I started the first region by putting as many as possible. Though they may not all have to be viable base locations; and some could be considered spice fields.
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