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  1. I am at the atreides capitol with the harks and i was wondering since it is kinda hard for me if you guys had any tips for me ;D
  2. thanks for the insightful answers, i should have guessed with the tleilaxu 'we serve the highest bidder' stuff, ne ways thanks
  3. but so are the tleilaxu, that doesnt make any sense. i think its cause their tanks are too powerful in WW minds
  4. Can any house ally with the Guild in single player?
  5. thanks for replying guys but y do u think ordos is the best?
  6. what is your favorite ordos unit and why? also why do u think ordos is the best house?
  7. i know the Atreides can put elite infantry back into the barracks but how about the vehicles or flyers? can they do this also?
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