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  1. ME!!! It tooke me hours and hours on end just to finish them! But my fav has to be Ordos! Gotta love them gasmen against buildings
  2. I think im one of the few that doesnt care about their post count, i wouldnt be HAPPY if my count was erased when i hav 1000+ at TRMK
  3. Yeah, but the people that were good were...well good ;D. That song called," Can I Get A..." by Jay-Z was sh*tty for a freestyle
  4. Did any of you guys watch those? They were kinda cool, if you like rap! Few people... That winner kicked the $#!+ out of the other guy
  5. I never saw the fats cuz i didnt have the code to enter cuz the instruction book didnt comee with it
  6. Hey, Lowzeewee, did you change your Sname
  7. well what is ti RPG fighting strategy racing simulating sports music? shooting Mine is rpg
  8. I have seen that one before. theres this kid in my school named brett rickertt, Burlington Wa Hes a real retread
  9. semi-ambidextrious mainly right hand
  10. $5000?! Thats alot of money buit its probably worth it :D
  11. i think its called the Guild mega cannon? its always good for attacking structures
  12. its about time some people talked here, its been about 3-4 days
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