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  1. This is really great work, what you did Klof! If you select the original Dune2k folder and than you want to switch to a modded folder, how I'm able to do this ? ^^" Darlax~
  2. Sorry for my late answer Cm already sent me the c&c AI, which is really good, but my AI destroyed this in ~13min (game at full speed). But with the c&c AI I'm able to run really good sims, to test new strats My goal now is, to defeat the c&c AI in under 10min ^^ Darlax~
  3. Hey Guys, I'm currently working on a strong skirmish AI and it's nearly perfect. My AI already beats a 1vs6. The enemy uses original skirmish. I will upload a video as soon as possible and will link them here Also I just work on play through where a modified skirmish AI plays the game. (outcluded are harvest and capture building missions). So, my question is, are there any other users, that created their own (and good) AI ? I want to see, if my AI would beat them. Darlax~
  4. Ok, aslong this Campaign is in beta, i wont record it ^^ Darlax~
  5. Tried the first Mission very often... Too Hard for me ._. Darlax~
  6. But why you didnt't put the Briefing InGame ? Darlax~
  7. So, know I'm able to play your Mod, is it finished ? If yes I will start to record it ;)) Darlax~
  8. I didn't have time to test this :// Darlax~
  9. Infantry from a Light Factory would be great :3 I love your idea ^^ Darlax~
  10. I work on a Fremen Campaign too but with 2 New other houses ^^ When you will relase you Campaign I will record it ;)) Darlax~
  11. Nope... I invest more time to record the Mercenary, Smugglers and the Ixian Mod than to complete my mod... Just put "Darlax" in YouTube search and you will find it :D Darlax~
  12. Doesn't mather... I've a new one called "Dxtory"... Everythings works fine... Darlax~
  13. Yeah, but I need to make a new one, 'cause as I said "Spore on Win7 worked without problems and I created the Devastator when I played the game my first time"... Now I've a new computer with Win8 and problems with Spore and I deleted everything on my old one... :// But yet, I've no time for this xD I want to finish my Dune 2000 Mod and make Walkthroughs from the Ixian, Mercenary and Smugglers Campaign and later "The Hard Day" and the new "Emperor Mod" and aftert them the new Atreides Campaign... Next to them I make Walkthroughs from Need for Speed, starting with Underground... But I've some problems to record this ^^ Darlax~
  14. I've Spore Galactic Adventures but on Win8 all planets are named "BAD_DATA"... I don't know why, but on Win7 all worked -.- In Spore I created a Devastator when I played the game first time ^^ Darlax~
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