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  1. I really need this tool for my campaign. Anyone still have it or improved it? @Cm_blast @Fey @FunkyFr3sh EDIT I found this later. Sorry for the post
  2. AttackSidePriority list What about this section? You even tried what's the behaviour of AI about this @Fey?
  3. Thanks for your suggestions, i will do a test right now. About "commas" i left them default so i don't know why them are there
  4. @Fey tell me what you think about my "numbers" I read somewhere here, that, the last part, must be setted in that way to be proficient. Pretty sure in the @Cm_blast's events manual 😁
  5. Nope 😋 all of my enemies, in that map, are at 75 before you told me that and still not satisfy me 🤗 The "FreePercentage" is something i will test because mine are at zero
  6. I did this: Screen Unitbuildrate 1400 (probabily this is the 25 ticks formula, right?)
  7. I'm trying to make the AI aggressive and organized. I gave them interval reinforcements (carryall and/or spaceports) but them keep being too much "soft" even at hard about moving all the army against me and my allies. I'm ok with the timing and rush but not with the size of army used. I'm looking for an AI that can even bring me in serious problem even if i have a full base builded ready to spread out troops. I don't know if i expressed correctly my thoughts (i'm italian so english is not my native language)
  8. Hey @Fey 😁 Actually i'm stuck in an error that i never had before. Something about coordinates or similar. GetNextSquare (if i remember correctly). I'm pretty sure that you or @Cm_blast or someone else here already encountered it. I borrowed a map from here to test some twisting events and conditions (heavy allies/stronger and mad AI/ecc...). Probabily is that the problem? The map is "desaster" (desaster map link) Probabily because it were made for a multiplayer and not for a campaign? ☝️ I made some "changes". I've read something in this forum, written by @Cm_blast about that error and, probabily, it happens when AI can't find a valid route to defend/attack the player. It sounds familiar?
  9. Totally agree with you @Cm_blast. I've played probabily all of your content (many times) and i loved it. I'm honest! I'm trying to make my self better time to time and i love the game. Dune 2000 is "simple" and "complex" at the same time because, with all the opportunity and editor (mis/AI/story) can offer, it's never get old. Well, if we don't mention the pixelated graphics, of course 😉 By the way, i'm going to test the events and conditions i did today to see if them works. Cya, @Cm_blast
  10. Many thanks @Cm_blast. I will give a try on that tool. I'm very happy to know that, in the 2019, people still playing, develop and have fun with Dune 2000 (a game from 1998 😎). Oh and thank you for the AMAZING campaign and works you did. Expecially, for a campaign creator like me, your AWESOME manual about AI configuration.
  11. Hello everyone, i don't know if i will receive or not an answer here but i hope. I'm trying to do (in the 2019 lmao) a new campaign and i've tried this tool because could help a lot to minimize time to develop a map. I'm using Win7 Pro 64bit and still got stuck in the map prepared generation. I've tried to modify some settings in the INI file without results. Anyone knows and/or have suggestions about this? I've also tried with "run as administrator". Thanks everyone who can answer. @mentat
  12. Thank you so much @Cm_blast. I downloaded the new editor. Let's take a look to what it offers!
  13. I know that's now 2017. I know that, probabily, the one answered to him (@FedaYKin) cannot read/answer to this but...hey! I'm still having fun with Dune 2000. I hope to have a reply because i have exactly the same question on my mind... Thanks a lor.
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