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  1. Ciao a tutti, I do not know if someone has already done this request. I would like to play on my PC, where I installed Kubuntu, with the Linux version. Can anyone help me? The original game Loki is now nowhere to be found and all versions that I found online, do not work. Merry Christmas Marco
  2. I still do not understand. My English is not the best, probably escapes me some clues. Each time, I end up flooded half the map. This almost always happens after I think I've achieved the objectives for the bronze. Unfortunately, I never got the confirmation for winning the bronze. Still, I give the loads required to Albany, and then connect the city. But soon after, here comes the water. Maybe there is something that escapes me. Give me a tip, I would like to get at least once, the bronze.
  3. You can attach please a saved game, just before a victory? This might help me understand where I continue to make mistakes.
  4. Ciao, I tried your map, but I think I have not understood what were the key objectives. I have connected before New Salem, with Grand Ronde, then also Bend. I sent the required loads before in Albany, then also in Warm Springs and Grants Pass. Unfortunately, every time, I can not even get the bronze. So, I opened your map with the editor, but I do not understand the function of the "State Economic & GV4." I think it is for this reason that I continue to lose. Can you help me, please?
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