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  1. Trailer is out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9xhJrPXop4 They also broadcast a Q&A before releasing the trailer: https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1YqJDpQDeAaJV
  2. Hello IceReaper, These are the two sources of information I have leveraged so far in my own project: http://wiki.xentax.com/index.php/Emperor_-_Battle_For_Dune_RFH Readme file in: https://forum.dune2k.com/files/file/1125-xbf-viewereditor-version-2k/ Hope it helps. Regards
  3. Hello guys, Can you attach a screenshot of this? I'm not asking for proof, since I'm not looking to install it on my system. I just want to see what it looks like. Thanks and regards
  4. [7/21 update:] Hello everyone, I have continued working on the renderer, it is now showing different meshes of a same XBF file at their correct locations at the same time (conbelts and flag on the picture below). There are still several things wrong. For example, the X axis is still inverted. I'm also not showing transparencies. I need to understand how animation works and how the FXData works too, to be able to render lights and smoke among other things. I've also made my own RFD extractor for this project. I want to integrate both an RFD browser and a XBF renderer under the same tool. I'll keep posting the progresses made. Regards, [Original post] Hello everyone, I have started today to work on a program to render XBF files. I'm developing it in XNA. This is a video I have uploaded of a spinning Construction Yard rendered with it: https://youtu.be/eSLpUjDxuOI It is a work in progress and there are several things wrong with the parsing of the data. I'll keep working to improve it. Regards
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