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  1. Hey guys, Got back to playing this game last weekend after years of not playing, and gotta say, it still rocks. I actually appreciate it even more now, as the last time I played it I didn't really understand stock market, bonds, stocks, dividends and all that stuff + my knowledge of English wasn't as good at the time (this was about 10 years ago, when I was 14). Now as I'm older, I appreciate the economic aspect of this game even more, and it blows my mind that stuff like short-selling is implemented. Anyway, though I wasn't very good at this game 10 years ago, I believe I picked it up now very fast. Just so you have an idea of my skill level, this week, I managed to get Golds in Iron Seed and Handle on the Bread Basket (Hardest difficulty both), Gold in the China map scenario (19th century so wasn't too difficult) and Silver in the Heartland scenario. Getting Gold in Heartland - or even better, the Secret Gold, as I found the thread posted by MagLev where he managed to do that - is now my main focus. It makes me so happy that a community devoted to this game still exists! Sure, it's not super active, but at least it's something, and there is so much great content in here. Spent the whole evening yesterday going through the old threads and reading your strategies. I'm amazed at how much you guys have mastered this game. Haven't tried the patches you've posted here, will get around to it soon though. Anyway, I've still got some questions about this game that I hoped you could help me with: 1. Afaik, it's possible for a player to create multiple companies in a single scenario. Under what circumstances should I take advantage of this? 2. When would you use Issue Stock and Buy back stock? 3. In scenarios like Heartland, the goal is to have the company's book value at certain level. No mention of net worth. Is there any reason to even play the stock market and focus on increasing your net worth? Or to even have dividends above $0? 4. Just to confirm, the price of all the factories always stays the same, no matter the current economic status or how lucrative they are, right? This is one of the few aspects of the game I find mildly irritating! It would open up so many new strategic possibilities. 5. Also, as far as opportunity cost goes, does it actually make sense to be buying factories? 6. Super vague question, but if there is any useful info that you feel like I should know at this stage, please do tell! Richard
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