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  1. Hey everybody it's me again :) I have one more question somebody knows mod which can upgrade the AI. I finished Emperor battle for dune a lot of times (19 maybe 21) 8) and I know this game very well so it became too easy because the AI is hmmm a little silly :P. Muad'Diba
  2. Hmmm ok thx for answer. I am going to check this Hour of Assassins thanks for informations :) . I have important message don't instal MOD called civil war it is so low :( Muad'Diba
  3. Nobody plays in Emperor Battle For Dune with mods :( ????
  4. Hi everyone I have very simple question which mod is the best. I downloaded Landsraad mod but this mod has a some bad bugs for example when you play as Harkonnen mercenaries you can't build collector if you don't build second factory but if you play as corrino you can build collector when you have one factory. I will wait for answer Muad'Diba
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