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  1. Apparently, every version on this site is a beta that can't create new files for some reason. Does anyone have a version that can open, create and insert files? Thanks.
  2. TAK02

    Dune Tabletop Games Coming

    Considering it was the RTS-precursor and had "one-unit" limit and not that many (or any, AFAIK) keyboard commands... This shouldn't come off as a surprise, but it still does.
  3. TAK02

    Dune Tabletop Games Coming

    I was being sarcastic. Why, EA? Why..? 😭
  4. TAK02

    Dune Tabletop Games Coming

    Trust you? Who are you? A Rivals player? And I did say smartphone life is a shame. A complete and absolute shame. Yeah, we don't want Dune for phone. We want Dune and C&C for PC and only PC. One last thing: Rivals? A) not a C&C game. B) I never heard of Rivals. Is it good?
  5. TAK02

    Dune Tabletop Games Coming

    I'm actually surprised they risk making a tabletop game instead of a video game in the age where smartphones have become the center of today's life (which is shameful in and of itself). They might've been better off remaking the three Dune RTS games we discuss here
  6. TAK02

    Emperor suddenly stopped working!

    ^^This might still be relevant should Emperor fail to run. Tell me how things go.
  7. TAK02

    Emperor suddenly stopped working!

    Double posting. I remember recently trying to run GTA SA and it didn't run at all. Turns out it was something else that, more or less, had nothing to do with the game (it was the save file, of all things). Your case might be similar in that it's not the game itself. It may be all maps are corrupt, or the settings (which you'll find in the registry, so maybe you need to run Emperor as admin?). https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Emperor:_Battle_for_Dune
  8. TAK02

    Emperor suddenly stopped working!

    I think there was something about the Emperor installers not working when Win10 is involved... http://dune2k.com/Duniverse/Games/Emperor/Downloads/Patches Look for the install fix. Oh wait, Emperor installs, but won't run? ...try the link above, maybe something went wrong with the installation, hence why it doesn't work?
  9. Long story short: I want to add "Dune" into my C&C Supremacy mod, noth asset-wise and story-wise. But I can't really do that with what VXLs and SHPs are around. There are literally none, save for that Aerial Defense Platform I found on http://www.yrargentina.com/old/index.php Does anyone know if a conversion is possible? Which programs do I need? Does anyone want to get in the 'Special Thanks' section of the credits?
  10. TAK02

    Emperor More credits for non Arrakis maps?

    (Late reply, I know.) Under [General], look for these: CashDeliveryWhenNoSpiceAmountMax CashDeliveryWhenNoSpiceAmountMin CashDeliveryWhenNoSpiceFrequencyMax CashDeliveryWhenNoSpiceFrequencyMin
  11. TAK02

    Problem with resolution.

    Just in case windowed mode doesn't fix it or people don't want the window: Get the registry open (several ways. Manual search or Win+R regedit, for instance), and navigate here: Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Westwood\Emperor\Options\Graphics Or you could hit Ctrl+F and search for the Emperor 'folder' in the registry. ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight are what you need. https://mega.nz/#!mKgnHbDT!R6MJPaUo7Xs8HwJfl2PNzTEkcwo5Z9s-iD4uZVld3lw