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  1. Kingpoker mileswest AndreyTV Moro newlords neo27.rus neorockboy. 7 of us online atm 18:22 gmt
  2. Theres about 5 of us on everyday about 4pm gmt
  3. currently playing the game no one can beat me 1 v 1 I have become to be unbeatable.
  4. what idiot made them videos cant watch them with moving camera all time. and big russian defeat looks terrible lol. come play me I make a video for you. EZ
  5. come back to the game its good lol i also play csgo and btw centner beat newlords 20-5 yesterday i beat you np ;)
  6. moroz never left the game he still plays, we need one more good player for 2 v 2 with me moro newlords but we play 1 v 1s i beat newlords now with atr vs every house but harkonnen were its split 50/50 pretty much but we were chatting about playing moroz 1 v 1 and he was saying it sucks as he sees everything you do with the radar + has 3 second lead on deploy for rush and its not often you hear newlords complain. Come back to the game we can play some 2 v 2s ill even beat you 1 v 1 as long as your not hacking aswell which you probably are but free radar is major thing early game on map like fishers which is what is always played. No point in having plenty of brains if enemy sees you move units everywhere on map without outpost built and sees all ur incoming attacks.
  7. [06/02/2015 23:57:19] Morozlord: poker you have my cheat radar [06/02/2015 23:57:25] Poker: WHAT [06/02/2015 23:57:40] Morozlord: it works without outpost [06/02/2015 23:57:54] Poker: you been cheating? [06/02/2015 23:57:54] Morozlord: just need normal power [06/02/2015 23:58:52] Poker: guess thats why u dont build outpost [06/02/2015 23:59:33] Morozlord: mark download my game, he got my cheats, you can download it [07/02/2015 00:00:13] Poker: didnt know u were cheater [07/02/2015 00:00:14] Morozlord: and max zoom camera, and no zoom time [07/02/2015 00:00:53] Morozlord: that cheats not help play [07/02/2015 00:01:05] Poker: cheater not nice [07/02/2015 00:03:41] Morozlord: do you use radar ? [07/02/2015 00:03:47] Poker: YES [07/02/2015 00:03:49] Poker: oops [07/02/2015 00:03:52] Poker: have to look at it [07/02/2015 00:04:05] Poker: i build outpost when i can [07/02/2015 00:04:59] Morozlord: then you can dont build radar [07/02/2015 00:05:20] Poker: i wont use ur game [07/02/2015 00:05:27] Poker: cant reprogramme keys [07/02/2015 00:05:32] Poker: and i dont like to cheat [07/02/2015 00:06:26] Morozlord: but all players use autoclickers or cheat mouse [07/02/2015 00:06:56] Morozlord: x7 mouse [07/02/2015 00:09:40] Morozlord: it all of i can hack, more cheats is impossible [07/02/2015 00:10:52] Morozlord: i wanted leave game and pass this cheats to you [07/02/2015 00:11:18] Poker: its fine [07/02/2015 00:16:41] Morozlord: when game loading, press N next D, when game will loaded, mcv will deploy [07/02/2015 00:17:32] Morozlord: + 2-3 sec for rush ) [07/02/2015 15:58:18] Morozlord: dont talk about cheats
  8. He gave it to my brother to download and then told me because he thought I would find out. I could use it too but I dont want too as it ruins the game. vs good player outpost isnt somthing your thinking of building until late as you need production/spice for units to keep up in battle but to have it all through game means you cant use different tactics vs someone that gets it for free. I dont want to use it and nor do i think anyone should be using auto click software you should have to do it all manually like its supposed to be. The auto clicker isnt as big a problem but free radar is kills gameplay.
  9. I recently found out that Moroz one of the russians that play the game now has hacked the game that he recieves free radar without outpost and also has auto click software to spam units. He has created a version of the game you download from him and has all that on it and is giving it to russian players. Also before game starts in loading screen he press' 2 keys and the MCV will deploy without having to click on it and hit D which isnt that important but still. If you think having free radar isnt that important it is when you are talking about building expansion bases bringing units in from behind etc. as players dont usally build outpost until mid/late game. I recently played a game vs newlord and didnt notice his 2nd base which was in the corner until I had built my outpost and by then was too late but with free radar I would of spotted it sooner and would have won the game. The game might not have many players but it doesnt need people hacking it and cheating. Thanks, Kingpoker
  10. me newlords and load of others playing on tunngle good server more the merrier come and play....
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