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  1. shadow

    Paypal money

    awwwwwwwwwwwww coooooooommmeee on guys someone lend me at least $10 bucks im trying to get some ad shares :P ;D i kinda need it to apply for Berklee. im gonna be entering a certificate program and it cost $8155. so yeaaaa if ANNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYone can please lend me at LEAST $10 i would really appreciate it(pay you back on the 1st of Sept.) I REALLY WANT TO GET INTO THAT PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( thanks
  2. shadow

    Paypal money

    dude its me twinkie lol, i forgot my old password for my email, cause i deleted it ;D and GOBALOPPER HASNT RESPONDED BACK!!!! :- :'(
  3. shadow

    Paypal money

    yea ummm....if anyone would be great to lend my $20(with paypal) that would sweet, i'll pay you $30 next saturday(June 29) but really need the $20 right now! -shadow
  4. YO!! people im back in FED2k, as most of you guys can remember me as 'Twinkie' yea i havent been here in a few months now, i made a new login name cause i forgot the password of my old account! :P ;D o well so yea its awsome to be back here and stuff and so so. how you guys been so long? how has this year been so far for most of you?
  5. Hey, Gobalopper, I went into that website thingy, but the only thing I found was some resources for Paint Shop Pro 7....which one should I download, because I don't think they have it. :-
  6. Great.......I spent 25min downloading Paint Shop Pro 8....it doesn't even work on tga files...what the hell?!
  7. Well, right now I'm in the process of download Paint Shop Pro 8.....very long thought.....I'll try with this program to open those damn TGA files.
  8. I desperately need help on opening those xbf and tga files!!! I can't see what the hell the drawing looks like!!!!!!! Please tell me how to open them!! The XBF viewer seems kind of hard to use! And the TGA files...well I don't know how to open them up!!!! I NEED TO SEE WHAT THE DRAWING LOOK LIKE, RATHER THEN X PLOTS, Z PLOTS, OR Y PLOTS FULL OF NUMBERS!!!! I JUST NEED THE DRAWINGS!!!!! Thanks ;D
  9. damn....well thanks anyway, man.
  10. I was wondering if there is a way to ally with the computer during a Skirmish game?
  11. Any of you guys dreamed what you always wanted to do? What would it be? I'd ask this girl if wanted to be my girlfriend. (thats pretty tough)
  12. I made a few changes to the Rules, like Buildtime, Bullet Gravity, Damage, Viewrange, but this is for Atreides fans like me. The advantage House Atreides gets in these Rules are that everything is a lot faster to build, every building cost 100 solaris, infantry cost 1 solaris, units cost 10 solaris. If you think that the bullets are traveling kind of slow, its because the speed of the bullets were changed back to its originals speed and so was the bullet gravity. The Rules are attached in the message. Enjoy![attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  13. shadow

    the new me

    Hey, I'm back!!! aka dark_smoke. YEA!! well I have to start all over again with the posts! I only did 22 in my last account so that isn't so bad.
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