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  1. Yup...not sure which though. It turned out a lot nicer than I thought it would.
  2. I don't usually post any screenshots or anything, but heres the Tlielaxu Bio-Tank in my new mod.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  3. Masticore


    I was just wondering...how in the hell do you give the Ordos a helipad? I've tried all the traditional stuff. Am i forgetting something different about buildings?
  4. Just to pump Timmen's ego a little bit, those texture locations are superb. I couldn't have done anything really cool without them.
  5. lol :) I will now! Oh, and, as if my opinion mattered, that would be a total conversion. As long as everything gets the switch, its good.
  6. In case you've "forgotten", here's a modified barrell bomb. [barrelBomb] MaxRange = 0 //blow up Debris = DebrisSmall Damage = 1 [Low damage so it won't kill everything instead of leeching it] ExplosionType = Explosion Warhead = BarrelBomb_W [Any warhead will work] BlastRadius = 128 //Tile is equal to 32 [increase this to effect units farther away] Leech = true Infantry = false // Only leech vehicles Health = 200 [How much damage it takes for a larvae to die] ShieldHealth = 2//5 // Damage per tick to leeched units Shot = TRUE //infantry death anim Just remember that whatever contaminated t
  7. Nah...I already figured it out between posting and replying.
  8. Can you edit the explosions so that they'll contaminate surrounding units?
  9. Well I downloaded Shai Hulud and played it last night, and came up with this conclusion; you misunderstood me. Shai Hulud is "a" conversion, not a "total" conversion. House Ordos is still there with all of its original units, as is House Harkonnen, only with a new logo. I'm talking about replacing every house and subhouse with a new one. This could mean promoting a subhouse, like the Corrino, to House Atreides' place, or replaces all the houses with new ones. TOTAL conversion.
  10. Damn but I'm striking out today. Seriously though, in the original game without modifications, who would you say was the best house?
  11. Oops...sorry. The subhouse mod, which replaced the five old subhouses with five new ones. I figured that the total conversion had been done already, but hell, I'll have fun with it anyway.
  12. The smuggler mod is just about finished, just to get that out of the way. I'm going to get my friend working on the SFX for the smugglers. Other than that, the units and conversions are all done. Which brings me to this... I know it's been attempted, if not already being attempted at the moment, but I want to do a total conversion mod. Subhouses and everything. I'd like some ideas for the houses and the subhouses and any units or modding ideas people have. The only thing really conrete right now is that Ordos is now Richese, Atreides is Vernius, and Ix is Illuminati (original subhouse).
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