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  1. Still relevant, I know that there are people who did it before.
  2. How to using XBF Viewer / Editor for transfer weapon animation from ATADP (Atreides Drone) to GUNIAP ? First, I extract 6 files 3 GUNIAP Files (GU_IN_NIAP_H0.xbf, GU_IN_NIAP_L0.xbf, GU_IN_NIAP_M0.xbf), And 3 Atreides Drone files (AT_drone_H0.xbf, AT_drone_L0.xbf, AT_drone_M0.xbf) from game archive 3DDATA0001.RFD by DuneEx program ... After that, I use - XBF Viewer / Editor to create 6 .txt files .. next, I copy data from 3 ATADP files to 3 GUNIAP files. Next I use again XBF Viewer / Editor - "Read file" (choose original 3 GUNIAP xbf files) > Scan file > text to Xbf (choose a modified 3 GUNIAP txt file) => "Safe XBF file" .. After all procedure I put this 3 files again in 3DDATA0001.RFD.. But unfortunately when I create Guniap - game is crashing .. Could you tell exactly what part of data I need to transfer from ATADP to GUNIAP? Thanks
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