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  1. I think it was the Plowboy interview @the time of God-emperor, where Frank talked about the coming age of Islamic terrorism. Wind energy, too.
  2. Wait a minute ! So you kids are saying the RICH run the world ? Well, I'm just flabbergasted .....
  3. "I'm actually a therapist/human behaviorist and study the sub-conscious mind and very successful/good at it." BULLshit. Bring your silly little moronic ass over to Jacurutu, and I'll tell you what you are .....
  4. "income-tax deniers" ?!? that's just blatant baiting, Chigger.
  5. hey, will somebody read that for me & give the breakdown? I got lost in the cordoning ... and chigger,for the love of g-d,send this kid the memo on you/your/you're ....
  6. that was almost worth logging on here for ...
  7. most Canadians are rednecks, in the original meaning of the Scottish "rebels" .... and I just can't bring myself to get all hyped up over the Obama-bashing - considering what I myself did to poor ol' W. in the first hundred days. of course, I had the advantage of knowing what a slick little monster he actually was. it took the rest of the nation a few years to catch on ... and you ain't that much younger'n me, chubby ...
  8. hey, chig, are all 3d game modelers, or whatever it is he's talking about, that irritable ? I don't think I have any 3d-files, but I've got an old musty pair of socks I wore in the cavalry boots for about a week I can send you for comparison. But really, stop wasting this dude's time. He's obviously a busy man.
  9. not to be trollish, or snarky, but a legitimate question: what's the average age of posters in this thread ? (for the record, I'm 61)
  10. Apologies to FED2K Regulars : After some private discussion, we, the unwashed OutCast of Jacurutu wish to apologize to the FED2K regular posters for our trollish behaviour in regards to our baiting of St. Hypatia of Arrakeen, and the attempt to drag the feud to this board. It will not happen again in the future.
  11. I read on the internet that the wierding modules are going to be light sabers !
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