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  1. i saw someone posted a multiplayer version of AHs' Dune boardgame. Its got no AI and well ive got no friends, so i was wondering if any of you would be willing? This is supposedly the daddy of strategy board games.. if your looking for a saleable product, this board game type things are big sellers on mobile platforms. I understand it would probably be more work than any one person is willing to take on (complex playing and ai structure) but i for one would enjoy it. I have made maps for Jonathan Krassners Invade Earth (which is a risk 2210 AH game), i have however no idea how to edit the weak AI in the game. Regards
  2. I would love to play this board game. But your actually making a board game e.g to print out? Not a computer game? Any chance of ripping an old monopoly or risk engine to make one? Would it be possible to convert cyro's dune into the board game? Regards
  3. Superb article. Thanks for that post. I agree with a lot of what is said, i do feel there are overtones of Jesus in Messiah, the spice itself as oil or possibly saffron(there was that part of india that became almost the focal trading point of the world at one time). The fish-speakers are another nod to Jesus (the age of piscies). The Bene Gesserit remind me slightly of the Jewish with selected breeding plans and bitterness towards their 'messiahs', who do they say runs a jewish family? - i believe its the mothers. They also eat similar foodstuffs to their Islamic conterparts. Prognostication is frowned on by all religions though. Reading Dune especially i was always thrown in some part of arabia envisioning it my mind. I am glad to see at least Berg is filming in Isreal - could you imagine the fremen faithfull being portrayed by arabs.. fantastic. There is a Palestine Group called the Holy Jihad Brigade - who declared on their Isrealite conterparts "Any infidel blood will have no sanctity," Did you ever once read that Harkonnen water mingled with Fremen (Except pauls obviously), although it would hardly be suitable it would certainly be interesting if they were cast. Perhaps a baron vladimir putin anyone? Would anyone like to see a daring adaptation of a modern day oil fight? Turning into pre apocolyptic - myth driven messiah story that strongly favours a Islamic viewpoint. That would fill some pews at the cinema.
  4. love the books. Lynchs' film i also liked. Irrespective of the scenes he was forced to cut. The mood and aura around certain characters and scenes were fantastic. Rather than explain it all he was forced to show parrells like the ugly harks, the prettier atredies the rugged fremen. I thought the characters thoughts were portrayed well - considering there isnt all that much chat in dune, i can understand peoples confusion. The film was cast superbly - perhaps not lynchs' doing apart from Jack Nance who i thought was a fine rabban - although we saw hardly anything of him. The exaggerated B Harko was brilliant - despite lack of intellegence. Stilgar was good - despite the lack of character depth. I enjoyed paul, leto, jessica, the emperor, yueh, guerney. The stillsuit looked the piece and i liked the idea of a wierding module, carryalls were good and general set design was nice, hunter seeker probes were good, wind traps looked good. The music was epic. I would have more negative comments about cut scenes - IF it had been a six hour epic, i am sure i would have enjoyed it a whole lot more.
  5. im wondering just how the new dune film is going to pan out. Considering a majority of people havent got the patience to absorb themselves in the books. Would they struggle with the overly complex film i would like to see? Question: Would you prefer a 2 hour film or a 4 hour one? Or perhaps 3 installments like LOTR? Spice orgies anyone? Leto nailing Jessica? Alia at her first orgy? Paul nailing harah? Or mindless violence? The director was talking of ecology as a major theme - looks like those guys on the dune editing board may have been pipped to a Dune 1 remake! (Cryo computer game!)
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