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  1. SAND

    Speeding Up Dune II

    Hey Folks, Ive got a little request to make. If I am not mistaken, their is a way to speed up construction in Dune 2 while not effecting the game play in general (Such as the unit speed etc...) Is their any patch or a trainer that I need to install to control the speed as certain structures take way to long to construct and makes the game awfully boring. Help will be highly appreciated!
  2. SAND

    Dune 2 Starport Fix

    Hi guys, I have a small doubt concerning Dune 2. I know of this error where you don't get your Starport Shipments after purchasing and their is a fix for it. But I am having a bit of trouble running it with my Windows 7 since its I think 64 bit color or something and that fix does not work in Windows 7. I only managed to make dune work through dos box. Is their any solution to this? I really can not continue with out starport.
  3. SAND

    Swine Flu

    Oh comon dont be ridiculous! Nothing is gonna happen to us...just take precutionry measurres nd ull be alright...
  4. Yeah, I am soo gonna miss these days :(
  5. Happy Bday to u both :) Mine is still away :( 22 November Ill be 18 8)
  6. Talking bout kids usin the toilet seat ???
  7. Yep he sure got his blow-job ::)
  8. Hm..I dont see a cue file..He just gave me one recommendation that I should update or patch to some 1.06 or something..I am confused...where do I get the necessary files..:S
  9. Umm..guyzz... I have tried all dune games so far except for dune2000....A person gave me a cd he said it was dune2000 game... but when I open the file there is just one file whih is dune2000.bin I have no idea how could I use this open it or something..Please help me.... That guy even says he never tried it... Its somewhere near 800mb or something.. How do I open this Binary format?
  10. So now farting is causing the southpole to melt, yay
  11. Heh, Talkin bout huge metal fans.... :-
  12. Chrome lacks the Tabs and Addons buh it is faster,, although I prefer firefoz
  13. Vista is good in its own ways, I like Vista. Buh XP is unbeatable
  14. What is currently your favorite Music? Mine at the moment is Kayne Wests "Amazing" and Lady Gaga's "Love Game" ::)
  15. We never expected they would turn against Pakistan, mean they used to have such good relations with our people, some still have(The genuine Talibans) not the one comin in to our borders. Its not just the afghan border, it borders with India and the baluchistan side of the border whih is more tilted towards Iranian side. Most of our forces are tilted towards India because we pose a bigger threat from em.
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