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  1. Even though i read all the books i kind of always remember the quote from the movie where Irulan says it's the year 10,000 whatever. I didn't realise that she was counting from the Butlerian Jihad. It's always nice to get a bit of new info.
  2. That was an interesting read for sure. I sure wish FH had lived for another thirty year or so. However, that article is showing us a bit more of what FH thought about the movie. My post is insterested in what the average Dune fan thinks the movie got right. I personally love the movie despite not liking some things about it. So I want to know what people do like about it as most seem to either just love it or hate it. Even those who hate it must like some things.
  3. My first contact with Dune was in going to see it at the movies at age 19. Yeah I was pretty confused as to what was going on but i totally loved the production design of it and also liked the actors. I especially like the way the credits roll at the end with the ocean in the background. I thought it gave the movie some class. Anyway, 20 years later (and after seeing the Dune movie about 15 times) i finally got around to reading the book and after reading them all I can understand why so many people hate the movie. I still love the movie but agree that there were some agregious departures. I gues Hellen Monhiem being a telepath and the 'weirding module' weapons are the worst for me. Despite this though I still think the movie is great and consider it to be a kind of visual treat and compendum to the book which I love and wish I'd read sooner. ;) I want people here to list what they thought Lynch got right about the movie. What I'd like is for you to list things that you really liked about the movie as far as it being a representation of the story and things that you hate. A couple of each would be nice and also list your favorite and least favorite scene. Fire away. I'll start. LOVE: I really like the sense of culture in the movie. I thought the movie really portrayed what the book wanted to say about the Dune universe being a thing that was 10,000 years in the making. Maybe it was going over the top with the simplifications a bit with the Atriedies planet being so lovely and Giedi Prime being a scab infested hell hole but I thought the tone was just about right. I also liked the Baron. He too was maybe a bit over the top and lacked some subtly but you have to convey alot in a few seconds or just one look and I thought the actor who portrayed him did a great job. FAVORTIE SCENE: I don't know why but i really love the scene where Paul practices against the fighter. I guess I just love the design of it. Reminds me of a Dalek. HATE: I don't like the way the Shadout Mapes was sneaking behind all the other maids on the first day of inspection. It was a kind of rediculous red herring. Of cousre the fact that it magically starts to rain when paul triumphs at the end. That's just silly. Also, in the extended cut i just saw there is a narrative about how Pauls reign would be one of eternal peace and love (rather than the Billions slaughtered in the Jihad). Worst Scene: I thought the Navigators puking out planets in his transportation scene was just weird and silly looking.
  4. Thank's guys, some really nice and instructive answers there. I'm glad to find place to chat about Dune. I really think the Dune universe is one of the best creations in literature. I especially respect the way FH didn't go for Aliens. Apart from human lines mutated beyond recognition and machine intelligence the Dune univers is pretty sterile and i really like that. I liked Leto alot actually. Also, and i'm not sure why but I felt quite sad as the books moved forward in history. Something about the massive amounts of time and how if go far enough into the future then even the most momentus events get reduced to a bullet point in the history books. I guess that puts a fatalistic tone on things. The Honored Matres so far remind me of the hordes of Atilla and the Huns (themselves being driven on by an even more fearsome enemy) swarming over the crumbling Roman Empire. Do you guys think the repetition of the Ghola thing is a bit weak? if eel the same way about the constant Duncans and others the same way i felt about Back to the Future 2. The first movie was the original of course and a near perfect sci fi comedy. BTTF2 was good enough but when M.J.Fox was playing various parts it got a bit gimicky.
  5. Hi. I've been very into Dune for years. I saw the movie in the cinema in 1985 and athought most seemed to hate it i really loved it. I finally got around to reading the first book a few years ago and really loved it. I don't usually read a book if i've already seen the movie but as Dune is one of my fave movies of all time I decided to give the book a read and i'm glad i did. I've had great time over the last year or so reading through the books. I'm reading the two epilogue books now and of course they don't have the FH touch but it's nice to see how things move along. I've wanted to find a good forum for Dune chat for a while now so finally i've found one and would be interested in your opinions on some thoughts/questions I have about the Dune universe which i love more than the actual story. I'll start this post with just a couple and do more later. 1. At the end of Dune when Paul took over his victory seemed to have little to do with the millitary campaign and more to do with the fact that he basically blackmailed the Guild to give him the power of transportation by virtue of his threat to blow up all the spice in a chain reaction. Well, why didn't he, or the Fremen before him for that matter, just do that from the start? Anyone could have rigged the spice vints to blow then just dictate their terms to the Guild. 2. As much as i love the Dune story and universe (i've seent he movie about 30 times), i did start to feel that Paul was a totally miserable buggar and towards the end of the second book i was getting really tired of his pesimistic and whining thought patterns. Anyway, i dont consider that a fault in the book as my getting tired of Pauls whining might have been FH's intention. However, ther was one thing that i just could'nt buy about the story. That is, the massive Jihad that killed 'billions' of people. Oh, i understand any nutcase jihad, yeah, humans are messed up things. But Moadib was a 'hands on' ruler not a figurehead like the Emperor of Japan in WW2. Paul had a strict control on the operation of his new empire. The Emperor Hirohito was justa figurehead and the madness of the Japanese in general drove them on their murderous rampage. Paul was more like Napoleon who could order his army to invade or to retreat. I just couldnt accept that Paul did not have the control and power to stop the interplanetary Jihad if he wanted to. I don't see any benefit to it. Paul was going on about how his empire would be more just than the corrupt Corino one. Billions being slaughtered was worse and saying that it got away from him and took on a life of it's own doesn't gel with me about how revered and in control Moadib was. Thoughts on that please.
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