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  1. Alright, I've figured out the "solution" to the problem. Well, technically, I didn't but the poster of the other thread did. I forget his name, but it was the topic starter of the thread I linked to. By following his procedues, I am able to confirm the problem. It seems that the last Catalyst driver that does not mess up Emperor is indeed the 5.1 set. Any driver more recent than that causes the texture corruption detailed in this thread. By reverting back to such an old driver, I was able to properly play Emperor as it is meant to be played. Unfortunately, that also means that any newer games could have compatibility or performance issues. I have since reverted from the 5.1 set back to the Mobility Catalyst 5.8 drivers. Could someone sticky this on the Emperor support forum? I feel it could be useful for any ATI users having similar issues as me. Thanks for the advice in this topic. The time was appreciated guys.
  2. Thanks for the current support guys, it is highly appreciated. RA1204, I have just tried the "+W" command and it makes no difference. What does it do exactly? As for my DirectX version, it is 9.0c, which I think is the latest available. I have actually used the drivers Gateway supplied, which had these artifact issues. I decided to try ATI's Mobility Catalyst 5.8, which I thought would solve the problem, but to no avail. The Gateway driver itself used version of the Radeon display drivers. My current Mobility Catalyst 5.8 set reports using version 8.162. Both produce flickering. The Gateway driver is the only one available and ATI has only recently added official mobile support, so I have almost no where to turn.
  3. 1) I've tested this already. I've tried everything from the lowest possible settings to the highest, I still get those random flashing artifacts across the map, especially where the sand is. Nothing changes this fact, whether I modify graphics quality settings or hardware settings. And only Emperor is having these problems. 2) I don't have anything running in the background. This hard drive was freshly formatted, and the only things I've installed are drivers and operating system updates. Emperor is the first true program I've installed, and there's nothign else running in the background. Performance is not the issue here, as I believe my graphics card and overall system capable of running higher settings just fine, but the "polygonal flashing" makes the game nearly unplayable. 3) Yes, as I've already said before, I'm using ATI's latest Mobility Catalyst Drivers, specifically 5.8. I am sure these are the latest available.
  4. Thanks for viewing this topic guys. I'm having trouble with the game on my new computer, and I can't for the life of me figure out why it is doing what it is. I've recently picked up a laptop with the follow specs: Windows XP Home Pentium M 1.73 Ghz 1024 MB RAM 128 MB Mobility Radeon X700 80 GB 5400 RPM I installed Emperor and the latest patch, but have some pretty serious issues with the graphics. I see lots of artifacts in the game when I scroll around. It's like the game breaks and I see these black polygons flashing for a split second when I scroll around. When the camera is still or there isn't much happening, it's generally fine, but it's very intrusive when I attempt to play. It is mainly the terrain with this issue. Again, it's like I see the underlying geometry of the game flashing for split second all across the map. I have installed the latest set of Mobility Catalyst 5.8 drivers and this issue is still coming up. I really don't know what to do. I haven't played Emperor in a while and wanted to test the new machine out with it and I'm baffled as to why Emperor has such issues. Thanks in advance.
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