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  1. Any chance multiplayer support can be added? CnCNet Online support would be cool too.
  2. Any chance you can release the source code or put the project on github?
  3. Yeah he is talking about that. The AI goes for Ore Trucks a lot IIRC.
  4. Can you show me a spot where the game sets up alliances (e.g. for single player missions)? Want to see how it works.
  5. I just saw you modify some spots in the code. I've documented the code for multiplayer spawning. Try playing around with these code locations: .text:00469FD0 Do_MCV_Spawn: ; label starts doing the MCV spawning .text:00469FD0 mov eax, [esp+17D8h+Current_Selected_Spawn_Location] ; a value 0-7 for each possible map spawn location, stack (ESP) value needs to be changed, NOT eax as the same stack value mght be used for unit (UnitCount) spawning. Set here just before MCV spawning .text:00469FF5 mov byte ptr ds:gSpawnLocationUsedBoolArray[eax], 1 ; byte
  6. BTW did you find the function for multiplayer unit spawning?
  7. Have you figured out how alliances work internally? You could check how the game sets up alliances when reading in a map file.
  8. How did you figure out how to set up all internal variables, how to start a match and where the data for players (colors, IPs etc) are stored?
  9. In Red Alert 1 the tech level value for every player is a data member of the HouseClass they are. The multiplayer menus have a global variable used to set the tech level for multiplayer games. In SINGLEPLAYER the tech level for every house is read in from the level file, defaulting the to the internal mission number. Code for single player. For every house section of the map INI, e.g. [spain] or [badGuy]: AUTO:004DDD36 028 mov [ebp+var_24], eaxAUTO:004DDD39 028 mov ebx, offset aTechlevel ; "TechLevel"AUTO:004DDD3E 028 mov eax, [e
  10. Iran

    Dune Dynasty

    Oh that makes sense yeah. Not sure if that causes issues and I think it might allow the server to cheat.
  11. Iran

    Dune Dynasty

    You're using a server model?
  12. Iran

    Dune Dynasty

    What kind of things have you done so far? CnCNet v5 support requires adding a -SPAWN command line argument which reads an INI file with match settings and the IP and port of other players. It's an external launcher and it manages things like tunnel servers, filling in this INI which needs to be read by the game, and making sure everyone launches the game at the same time. Things Red Alert 95 does: - Connect to players - Wait for players at start of match - Send/receive packets - Frame synchronization and checking with CRC - Adjust networking timing - Kill connection of non-responsive playe
  13. Thanks mvi. I'll ask him but I'm gonna assume he has no idea about it. ;(
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