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  1. Hey everyone; we're looking for some testers for this, and if possible, more development members
  2. Well, if that is the scenario, you would enter it like normall in ren, and if it was destroyed, you would also be killed.
  3. It's what's inside that matters ;) (And no, it's not the maze with the death holes :> )
  4. lolno. First release will most definetly include vehicles. Maybe there might be one or two inf only maps, though I'm not sure about that style of gameplay, but there will definetly be vehicles.
  5. cnc95fan

    MP on Dune2

    The soruce would be virtually useless to us really. It is probably an old standard of C, eww. It is possible to decompile dune2 into an assembley file, which is modifiable.
  6. cnc95fan

    MP on Dune2

    Does anyone know how hard it would be to implement? Sticktly speaking it would be possible to include the _asm into a C++ file and program it yourself...
  7. cnc95fan


    Aparently this is how much dune2k is worth, lol. http://www.yourwebsitevalue.com/details/dune2k_com.html
  8. Things like dust smears and well technechally all other visual effects are done by emmiters, which are not park of the infantry model. If they were, it would look weird ;)
  9. Slightly off topic.. But what would happen if you put all fat people into a large furnace with a steam engine above it.. How much power would it generate the world? :O
  10. http://www.battlefordune.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=289 Blog 30!
  11. cnc95fan

    Kane's Wrath

    C&C3 and KW fail. So RA3 automatically fails.
  12. It's quite simple really. You don't use the registration page anymore. Choose whatever login name and password you desire (must be 8 letters and/or numbers) and enter it in. If the name is taken, you will not get a server listing. If it is not taken, choose which server you want to use and play :)
  13. Yeah, the problem with meele fights is that the Renegade engine doesn't understand them. We'de basically have to animatie the motion of a sword swinging, but it would act as a gun, only shooting 1m or so with and invisible projectile. Either way, I'de rather not be in the middle of the map, with only a sword when a Assault tank comes running my way :P
  14. Yeah, that sounds pretty cool. I've you've enjoyed our past blogs, and are a fan of Ordos, you might want to keep an eagle eye out for the next few ones ;)
  15. Woops, misinterpretation, :P I mean, 3 sides on one map will not be on the first release, though all 3 sides will be in the first release. IT will have to be mix maps, like HArk Vs Atr, Ord vs Hrk, Atr vs Ord..
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