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  1. Wind energy? Oh! The interview. Yes. I was thinking you meant the book. Doh!
  2. I'd prefer that the film makers just stop all efforts and the HLP just wait til they can find someone who loves the text as much as OH fans do.
  3. I answered this one over on the Chronicles SF Network. Here is a link: http://www.sffchronicles.co.uk/forum/48173-question-about-easton-press-memorial-edition-of-dune.html
  4. Dude, they are totally making islands off the coast of some country there or something. I'll bet that they met on that one that is shaped like the planet Earth. Maybe on the part that looks like Haw'ai'i! Wouldn't that be ironical?
  5. Relax. No matter what he does, I honestly don't think it can get any worse.
  6. Aardvarks would have worked much better, IMHO.
  7. Most of those have very few users. DN was moderately active.
  8. Yes! What a wonderful idea! I don't think I have all the details down yet. Why don't you recount so we can compare notes?
  9. Don't forget about The Sietch and Gholaforum. Those both went down within the last year, and more minor scatterings happened then. The new DoD too. So if DN is gone, that's five dead Dune forums within the last twelve months. Ill bet that there is a pretty cool sociological study in there somewhere.
  10. I have been working on a list of secondary sources only for some time now. Those of you who liked this list would definately be interested in the things I have found. It is very much a work in progress, as I not only have about 65 items to add to the list now, but I am also scanning in and posting versions of all of the non-web based items that I have, such as masters theses and PhD dissertations. Here is a link to the list: http://bb.solahpmo.com/viewtopic.php?t=4 Enjoy, and feel free to give me PM's if you think I missed something. But realize that most probably, I have it and have just not gotten around to posting it yet.
  11. I think so. But it can be got easily enough on Amazon still.
  12. I stayed up for three days once, and had hallucinations too. I used to stay up for 48 hours all the time when I was a kid. My brother and I would RPG after school on Friday and stay up drinking Mountain Dew and eating pizza pockets until Sunday morning, then crash for school Monday. It got to where my body acclimated to that schedule.
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