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  1. Well, who knows what Kane really is? I doubt even Joe Kucan knows, lol. I also hope TW will be the last game in the Tiberian universe because frankly, one will want to know about how it all ties up. But you know EA...
  2. It really is all over for Command & Conquer. Expect seeing Red Alert 3 in the fall with Yuri returning as an alien who cloned himself.
  3. Yeah, the ground troopers looked just like the marines from StarCraft. At least we know it is possible to create sequels after a decade.
  4. I think Iraq was a mistake. It looks a lot like Vietnam I have to say.
  5. Is it true that the Bible describes that Satan was cast onto the earth, not down in hell? And if so, must that not mean that there is no hell?
  6. And you just have to see A Scanner Darkly.
  7. I can't believe no one mentioned Trigun! Awesome series. Then we have: Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Metropolis, Spirited Away + Howl's Living Castle, Ninja Scroll, Serial Experiments Lain, uhm.. doesn't count: but I liked the Final Fantasy movie as well as FF7: Advent Children (a must see).
  8. Well, I'll have to consult with the Party first. ;D
  9. President Bush seems to be eager to build a base on the moon by 2030 :) .
  10. Uhm... what can I say about P'yongyang? Somewhat boring I suppose.
  11. Didn't the United States have a plan on building a missile base on the moon during the Cold War?
  12. Well, media is known to overreact. But maybe we would do good in creating new environment-friendly technology, even if the current problem is not true.
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