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  1. Someone has fixed it. And it is available on this site's downloads area. The fix is to change to lifetime industry profits of 12M to match the briefing. https://forum.dune2k.com/files/file/568-geo-core-plant/
  2. Thanks for your reply and info. However ... These were connected and being serviced. I tried several tiimes from a saved game. I even purchased one of them. But in all cases either one or both eventually disappeard from the map, and the station associated no longer supplied iron. In one case, a train had just gotten a cargo from the station associated with the mine, but before it had preceded very far, the iron mine was gone. It was annoying. There were other iron mines, but these two were by far the most useful.
  3. Hi all, I recently started playing RRT2 (honest). I have the platinum v 1.56. In playing the Britain scenario with one computer opponent I discovered that some iron mines disappeared. Does anyone know how this could happen? Or how to prevent it?
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