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  1. This map's pretty fun. I placed a second station on perth just to have 2 straight train routes but I found out it actually has its own demands. Now I basically have 2 cities I can send goods, food, etc. which is straight broken. I guess a new game rule is I can't use junctions for city congestion/route efficiency anymore because doubling a city's demands is game changing. Wish the junction stations would just sync demand with the city station damn.
  2. Hahaha well nice to meet ya and thanks again. I got a score to settle with damn antarctica.
  3. So you turned vegan/vegetarian? My only game rules are no manager rerolls and no stock manipulations other than selling stock every year. I usually just murder the ai in ludicrous mode (custom -25 human, +25 ai, max ai number), but I couldn't beat gold on antartica. I came back to look for any info on the forum that might help me. Tunneling might be the key, and I think its fair based on its expense. I might have to mod the ports on antartica tho... my current playthrough looks 10 mil short of gold and the 4 ai companies didn't even settle the 2 flattest parts.
  4. Thanks for the quick replies! I have been reading about ways to grow villages from Jeffry, crownvic, and Drewski. I saw you guys would supply villages demand if they had an industry. Also, you guys would send some food and pax/mail if there wasn't an industry there with a demand. Based on that cargo data file, I bet the demand in the villages would be zero for everything. I checked the demand for pax in those villages and its less than the 0 demand at a town station. I tried growing a village with my unused produce/uranium, and it worked. I think it would be better to make money on easy demanded cargos like food and pax/mail rather than investing them on the villages. Did you guys find anything else out about the connection between revenue and city growth? Wondering if its like a revenue threshold for city that guarantees growth, its like a percent growth chance if city had any revenue that year, or its a percent growth chance that increases with higher revenue. Also random question if I bulldoze an industry in a city marked for 3 industries by the map editor, I'll eventually get 3 again right?
  5. Does the forum erase the older files? Can't unzip this map or the save file zip.
  6. I think that the rot data from the file does match the Rot Factor from the table. I think the data was just simplified for the table by multiplying by 200/12. After someone made the table, they might have tweaked some of the data which might explain the slight value discrepancies e.g. mail .54*200/12=9. I'll admit 200/12 is probably not the exact number, but I only had Rot Factor table numbers for cement, paper, autos, mail, passengers, and milk from this forum. I can't find this Rot Factor table online.
  7. Does anyone know any fun challenges for either campaign? I've played for a while with friends and only now have tried the campaign but the missions seem way to easy.
  8. Are these things included now in the U.S. history zip? I am playing the GOG version through a port on a Mac, but I might be inclined to fiddle with it if I can play through some events of U.S. history remake.
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