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  1. Hey can u give us the race winners for each month since you only gave the overall winners. Btw i don't remember you schopie as a winner...did u go by another name?
  2. hey :) do u have the championship winners from ages ago..like 2002 2001?? i remember i won it with atredies and also earedil + Xecutioner
  3. First time i logged in since 2003. This game isn't as dead as i thought :) Has anybody got links to the championship winners when this game was still supported by the makers?
  4. oh...that dilemma that always ends in tragedy..2 great loves to choose from. emperor wins the vote for being the best rts because it is a dream to play when it was first released and in the oldbie months. BUT...warcraft 3 is a intensive macro and micro--management orientated game at the moment i am playing undead...i have 2 heroes and several groups to control during a battle. i have ghouls ....necros...banshees...aboms i gotta put the ghouls and aboms in front...to be a meat shield...the necros behind and the banshees behind the necros. i gotta cast raise dead since auto cast is way too slow...i gotta heal my units with death coil...i gotta move my necros outta the way to avoid melee units and blizzard... i gotta use wands to negate positives buffs the enemy has...i gotta use banshees to possess creatures and to dispell some magics....i gotta move my heroes to the back when they r dying....i gotta pump more units out of my barracks to replace the ones that died. i gotta heal my lich and make my lich use dark ritual to replace lost mana so he can cast more frost novas. i gotta cripple any strong units with cripple...i gotta force fire on the weak units and their hero...yade ya etc emperor is the best rts out there because it is so enjoyable to play..well WAS so enjoyable until westwood left the game. but warcraft 3 is all about micromanagement....agree with me or agree to disagree....that is what i have found out...and micromanagement is damn fun!!!
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