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  1. You should try High Tail Hall 1.7! It's on a website (adult, mind you), but I forgot which one. Oh well. ??? :(
  2. Umma Kynes

    Diablo 2

    IMHO, my best skill for a Necromancer is a suped-up Poison Nova. But don't skit out of the skeleton and golem masteries, either. BTW- it's not Blood Golem you want, it's Fire Golem. He can damage enemies just by being there. Very cool. ;D
  3. Umma Kynes

    Diablo 2

    Skeleton Mastery, Golem Mastery, Iron Golem, Skeleton Magi, and of course, Iron Madien (no, not the band ;D ). Oh, and also Poison Dagger and Poison Explosion (I conserve my skill points til I get to a new level threshold [when you can do new things)
  4. Umma Kynes


    In the darkness, I crawl Seeking to find light. The gripping feeling of etheriality Is squeezing my senses to a pulp. The pain I feel is oh so great I have lost earthly feeling. I continue to struggle I try as I might. (it's imcomplete right now, I'll update it later)
  5. The victim given power will be blinded with fury and rage.
  6. I just had a briallant idea! American Cyborg, you said black holes can crush time, right? Well, for something to be crushed, it needs to be compressed as well. *ding ding* Just put a spaceship near a black hole. Time would be compressed to the point a mere split second could be any amount of time. Why? Well, the time compression would last until one of two things happened: 1) You are dragged into the black hole. 2) Someone pulls you out of the time compression (aka, another ship). Got it from the first episode of Gene Roddenbury's "Andromeada".;D
  7. Dude- those suckers are so old. Register and stay on the game. Oh, and also, gain levels in Newgrounds. I'm already a lv.5 with a netrual aura.
  8. Super-frekin'-tight! ;D :D ;D :D Can't wait to get it!
  9. Umma Kynes

    Diablo 2

    I play, just not online. I'm ghetto and can't afford internet (at friends houes right now). :-X :-[ :- :'( BTW, I'm a level 27 Necromancer in Act IV.
  10. You know, when people pick on you in school...? :-
  11. I was watching a special presantion on A&E named "Bullied to Death". The physoligists on the show said bullying is normal and considered a rite of passage, for some people. Then how come Colmbine and s*** like that happens so often? >:( :-X
  12. I'm not even going to read the rest; I got about halfway. Nintendo is better because they belive in this mantra: Game systems should ONLY be used to play games. If you want to watch DVD's, get a player. If you want to listen to music, turn on the radio. If you want a PSP, get a life. ;D
  13. Umma Kynes


    I think mabye the humans wiped out aliens with the lasguns... possible? ;D
  14. Here's a quick tip: Never mix trainers and no-cd programs. Causes an abrupt need for uninstallition.
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