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  1. damn it, i had to reformat, and the map editor comes out. i cant find my emperor discs. i'll just d/l the map editor and let peeps test my maps.
  2. if any1 here plays Baldur's Gate pls let me know! its really important!
  3. no matter how many u use, they can all be disabled by one trojan alone. every single firewall in this post. the scariest thing is, like i said, the firewall will continue to function normally, asking u about new rules and everything. just be careful what u d/l. and be sure if u get ur firewalls from a warez site that its a site with good reputation. alot of firewalls out there come binded with anything from modified versions of The Thing uploader trojan to modified versions of the Sub7 administration tool. for a long time i only kept Norton's AV so i could keep up with the detectable versions of Sub7. just so i could modify a few simple things. thats all crap though. its no fun doing all that crap. that is unless both sides have high-speed connections!!!
  4. u all need @guard's firewall. it blocks cookies, advertiesments, and watches all ports. a lot of current software firewalls are frequently updated to stay ahead of backdoors that will disable your say for example, a shitty Norton Firewall, it will add a rule for it to have permissions for ports and u would never know. there are a few that can disable @guard, but i keep zone alarm on here too, and Conceal on disc. i hope u dont think i attached it to the mod i sent u. have u let any1 get the source code for the mod creator? or have u let any1 do any kind of editing on it and them sent it back to u? u need to think about what programs and stuff u've d/l'ed in the past couple months. by the way which operating system where u in when this happened? u also need to keep in mind your internet browser's security settings. cookies enabled? could've been malacious ActiveX scripting, and then they could've put anything they wanted on yer comp through port 80. pees chris swanson
  5. dood, i'm pretty sure i was stoned when i wrote this. i think i had been up for a day and a half too. i knew it added two maps, so i knew the answer. man, i had good kb this week. it was like smokin spice! oh yeah, if u will, on the next Visual Mod Editor, make my name chinchilla @ the beginning. or Dank Smoka Alowishus 420. i think i'd like chinchilla though!
  6. malcom's mod screws my game up every time i install it. i uninstall it and it still wont work. i have to reinstall the whole game!
  7. any1 mind telling me what it is i need to change in the artini file?
  8. does it just patch the game.exe or a bunch of stuff? in other words, is it just the game.exe that is phsically changed ?
  9. my nick comes from my pet. i have a really rare chinchilla. his name is Squeaky. he is a silver mosaic. he's about the size of a cat now. i've never seen a chinchilla as big as mine! ;D but anyways, the original topic of this post, i think i know what the new guy was smokin'..... spice!!!!! "carefull, too many of those spice blunts and u'll be foldin' space!" pees chris swanson
  10. :)[shadow=red,left,300]BUMP![/shadow] [move]BUMP!!![/move] hehehe just tired of being a sandflea
  11. any1 know how to enable units in the rules file so that u can use'em in the game? units like the large windtrap, certain units and stuff that arent enabled? pees chris
  12. any1 know how to enable units in the rules file so that u can use'em in the game? units like the large windtrap, certain units and stuff that arent enabled? ???
  13. oh, but u can with Riper's fabulous Dune Visual Mod Editor!! you can even change the chance of the vertical worm!!!
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