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  1. The same happens for me. Running Windows 10
  2. It is. I don't know why would anyone want more, I mean sure, it's cool as a "fun" feature but I do not see it as a practical one. It could only be useful on very specific custom map game modes IMO.
  3. I don't remember very well but I believe the .ini file has some options too. For example there is a line specifying whether the normal destroy everything objectives are to be used or the mission-specific ones defined in the corresponding .mis file for that map.
  4. I totally recommend this campaign, there is a lot of quality work put into it. I have been away for a while and still sort of am, but I definitely have to replay this from the beginning till the end sometime, and maybe record it if I'm gonna buy that new headset that I've been wanting to get for a while (mine broke and I was that lazy not to buy a new one yet) Nice job Fey.
  5. I was an asshole and i destroyed the Ixian refinery and windtraps to get more space since they are useless without any production capabilities ;D
  6. I think i tried them all the previous days, don't think I missed any. They were fine, but those notes from cm_blast were well pointed: i kinda agree with them, mostly. In S3V2 i can imagine a hell if you dont ally with the Harkonnen, as they are so close to you and will eat your harvesters for lunch Well are those 4 raiders and the infantry enough to help protect the Ixians? The Harkonnen attack is pretty solid, with tanks, missiles and stuff like that. I'll have to try it again.
  7. There's yet another random crash regarding spice. It happens after you reach the Ixian base and when you receive the funds, I guess. I played it 3 times but only got it once. Yes, the mission definitely is more difficult main problem is the Harkonnen attack very soon, and their first attack is gg for the Ixians as they barely have any defense. First time I played though the Harkonnen did not attack the Ixians at all.
  8. Sure, I'll test it.
  9. What is the crash error message? That thing is very useful most of the time to spot the problem.
  10. I meant to try attacking the Ordos and stay with my Harkonnen allies (and oppressors apparently - yea, Harkonnnens, what else can you expect from them). Didn't try the V2s yet.
  11. Nope, holidays and all that Not sure when I'm really going to start working on them for real, since the new year is gonna start with exams and projects for university + work. Anyway, when I do get like 3 missions done, I'll message you in case you want to playtest them. I won't be releasing any missions until all of them are done (that is usually my policy: release stuff only when it's complete), but for testers, they will get them as soon as I make them I played the 4th mission too, and I can say I love this campaign I was a little sad when i finished the mission and realized there is no mission 5 yet, as I was so curios what is going to happen next with the Ordos. This (the excellent dialogues + the narrative description) is, at least for me, the perfect way of telling a story, it almost feels like having cutscenes like in C&C 3 (which btw, considering it's an EA game, did VERY well when it comes to story). When it comes to mission 4 technical stuff, there was nothing wrong with it, no bugs, although it is quite easy and you don't really get into much action. Maybe this is because I decided to go with the Ordos and attack the Harkonnen (didn't look at the mission in the editor to not spoil things). It probably would be more difficult if I went for the Ordos turrets, since they are farther than the Harks. I should try the other variant sometime. Can't wait for mission 5
  12. Those modified files should definitely not have been in the root directory. I recall there are some .ini files with the same names as the .bin files in the root after you apply tibed mods, but that's the text version (.ini) of either the changes or the default values (in order to restore the default stuff if the user wishes so) I believe. I'm not sure if Funky's patches make it so the game can read .ini files for unit data now, but the way the original game works is by reading the .bin files from the BIN folder. Those are the ones you must include in the pack in order to have the mod work, the .inis are pretty useless I believe, and even if they had worked, they would have had to be in the BIN folder. In short, try uploading the equivalent of those .ini files as .bin files; they are in Data/bin
  13. Yea sure, i'll have a look but probably it will be in the weekend. I suggest you include the modded files yourself instead of asking people to use tibed to mod their games. They are located in Data/bin (those armour.bin, generally those .bin files, I don't know their names since i don't have a Dune copy installed from where I am posting).
  14. Well, this is pretty cool! So, this result is because of the AttackBuildingPriorities? Or the AttackSidePriority works and influences this as well? @Fey, sure, I'd like to test the smuggler missions, and I'm glad you'll be going on with it Yes, the Atr/Ord/Hark remakes are good, and the grenadier is surprisingly more powerful than I thought. Interesting changes.
  15. Well, I would build a statue for you, but the link does not work Fey, oh I totally forgot about that mission. Yea, it was kind of frustrating, too frustrating for a mission 3 The problem is that there are probably many AI players sharing the same space, so their defence is absolutely insane. They have shitloads of units in the base, which makes it hell to penetrate. The infantry passage on the left is useless in my opinion, because the atreides send too many units there in order to be able to pass. Their attacks do not pose a threat at all, however their defense is too strong. I would tweak a bit the amount of defense the AI has, and also maybe add some more spice near the player base, the rest of the mission is fine