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  1. FedaYkin

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Gotta play them, I lost track of your smuggler campaign and I really enjoyed it Unfortunately time is killing me for a long period already. Once I'm done with the graduation stuff, I'll play the campaign. Glad to see you guys still pumping out new missions.
  2. FedaYkin

    D2K editor problem (Solved)

    No, has nothing to do with Windows versions, or at least it shouldn't have. Check resources.cfg for the paths. You could try a quick thing: copy the missions folder from Data/missions into root directory (so you'll have Dune2000/missions) and see if it makes a difference. For example, I have my missions folder in the root directory, not in Data.
  3. FedaYkin

    D2K editor problem (Solved)

    Exactly that. The program needs the root of the Dune folder, that way it knows how to find both the missions and the maps folders. Check resources.cfg and you'll figure out where to put everything.
  4. FedaYkin

    Colours.bin RESEARCH

    Yo man, being busy with graduation and work. That's cool, let's hope Funky still reads this place
  5. FedaYkin

    Colours.bin RESEARCH

    If that happens, maybe i'm gonna acutally finish that war of assassins sequel so funky, u got at least 2 ppl really looking forward to this
  6. FedaYkin

    GetNExtSquare error

    Yea that shit error, I had it too in one of the coop maps posted on cncnet, i believe it might still happen, although I remember it was kinda random, not at a precise gametick. There is not much you can do about it besides what the guys already suggested. It's a trial and error kind of thing. A total pain in the ass.
  7. FedaYkin

    [Release] Emperor assasination mission

    About tech level and money, yes. It means how many icons you will see on the right building and unit sidebar without having to scroll for the rest. It is independent of the resolution (normally using a very big res would allow you to have most icons there without having to scroll down, this option forces the game to display x icons no matter of the resolution)
  8. FedaYkin

    [Release] Emperor assasination mission

    Yea, that was the old way of dealing with multiplayer starting locations for coop missions. Back then we didn't have a way to prevent MCVs getting spawned, so we had to put them somewhere where they get killed quickly. Nowadays there is some entry in the .ini file to prevent MCV spawn.
  9. FedaYkin

    [Release] Emperor assasination mission

    Oh yea you are right about spawn.mis, totally forgot about that. So does the ai use 3 factory by default on cncnet? That is cool, i sure am outdated since i havent played in a long while The original ordos mission 9 port was something I put up very quickly to test playing missions online back when the feature was in testing. It worked quite well. It is the first ever coop mission online.
  10. FedaYkin

    [Release] Emperor assasination mission

    Handicap 0 is the one labeled "easy" for the player. It means the AI builds as if it were on easy. I'm not sure if cncnet adopted this in the end, but in early testings that I did with funky it was set to 0 for the AI. In the vanilla game, it was set to 1 (normal) for all AI players, no matter what the player difficulty was. The AI is stored in _PRAC.mis. That is where all maps which do not have custom .mis files (so, the standard skirmish maps with no events) load the AI from. The AI is modified, it's not the original dune AI with more money. They are set to build very quickly and the unit composition/unit build priorities are also changed a bit. Something that I still don't understand is why they ditched the 3 factory for AI feature. It is superior to an AI building just from one, no matter what they say, as I have tested this personally Hence why I said there are better AI versions out there than the cncnet default one. Maybe you played a coop map. The coop maps, while they look exactly like skirmish, use custom .mis file with most likely custom AI. At least I know for sure all my maps use custom AI with probably 3 factory builds. To clarify, the AI builds and priorities are exactly the same for all difficulty levels, the only thing that changes is the starting cash, which makes a huge difference for the AI.
  11. FedaYkin

    [Release] Emperor assasination mission

    CnCNet difficulty levels are related to how much starting cash the AI gets. Easy gets 2500, normal gets whatever you set it for the players i think, and hard gets 40k. If I remember correctly, funky set all AI modes to use handicap 0 settings. Of course, overwriting the cash with events in the mission file renders that difficulty AI option useless. If it's a singleplayer mission, I recommend doing it as a mission launcher type of mission instead of skirmish-mission. As Cm said, it is very easy to copy the cncnet skirmish AI over to your map, or copy some other AIs. I can tell you, the cncnet AI is not the strongest that is available, there are some which are stronger. Also, you can create your own AI.
  12. FedaYkin

    [WIP] Mercenary Campaign - Fall of Emperor

    I've been really busy (and still am) with university and work. Doing both at the same time takes most of the day. My War of Assassins: Sandstorm sequel campaign is still there in some folder, with just 2 missions developed Wanted to continue it at some point, but I got discouraged by the impossibility to modify colors per map (a setting in the ini file for colors would be awesome), since I want to add some new houses to the scene (and new planets) and i'd need custom colors. I remember funkyfresh said he might add this feature, but it never happened. I've been lurking on the forum from time to time, checking what's new, and even wanted to reply to some topics like the smuggler one but I forgot xD. Besides, I'm working on a game for my graduation project (as in, a real game, developed in Unity) and that takes up even more time, but nonetheless that is really fun to work on. Yep, I had the same feeling about the Sardaukar in the original. I mean I know it's not the Corrino homeworld, but c'mon, it's the freakin' emperor, does he come on Arrakis with a bunch of minuscule bases as presented in the original campaigns, serving literally no role in the storyline other than "this guy is also here on Arrakis and he is gonna help anyone I am against with a bunch of small shitty armies"?
  13. FedaYkin

    [WIP] Mercenary Campaign - Fall of Emperor

    Really glad to see someone using my storyline for a campaign. The plot sounds pretty good, i like the copec/gunseng split towards Emperor/anti-emperor sides. This reflects the previous Harkonnen separation when it came to the allegiance towards the emperor (from missions 7-8 in the normal woa Harkonnen campaign). The Landsraad Houses funding the mercenaries is also a nice idea, I am curious how this will work with the 3 houses stuck on Arrakis which are also part of the Landsraad. Will probably try the missions as soon as I have some free time.
  14. There is no need for Hamachi anymore. CnCNet has just about everything Hamachi had + a lot (and I really mean A LOT) more features such as starting locations, custom maps, custom tilesets, advanced AI etc. not to mention quite a few active Dune2k players. Check it out. http://cncnet.org/
  15. FedaYkin

    [RELEASE] Dune 2000 War of Assassins

    Nope I don't think I updated it. Can't remember exactly.