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  1. [WIP] Mercenary Campaign - Fall of Emperor

    I've been really busy (and still am) with university and work. Doing both at the same time takes most of the day. My War of Assassins: Sandstorm sequel campaign is still there in some folder, with just 2 missions developed Wanted to continue it at some point, but I got discouraged by the impossibility to modify colors per map (a setting in the ini file for colors would be awesome), since I want to add some new houses to the scene (and new planets) and i'd need custom colors. I remember funkyfresh said he might add this feature, but it never happened. I've been lurking on the forum from time to time, checking what's new, and even wanted to reply to some topics like the smuggler one but I forgot xD. Besides, I'm working on a game for my graduation project (as in, a real game, developed in Unity) and that takes up even more time, but nonetheless that is really fun to work on. Yep, I had the same feeling about the Sardaukar in the original. I mean I know it's not the Corrino homeworld, but c'mon, it's the freakin' emperor, does he come on Arrakis with a bunch of minuscule bases as presented in the original campaigns, serving literally no role in the storyline other than "this guy is also here on Arrakis and he is gonna help anyone I am against with a bunch of small shitty armies"?
  2. [WIP] Mercenary Campaign - Fall of Emperor

    Really glad to see someone using my storyline for a campaign. The plot sounds pretty good, i like the copec/gunseng split towards Emperor/anti-emperor sides. This reflects the previous Harkonnen separation when it came to the allegiance towards the emperor (from missions 7-8 in the normal woa Harkonnen campaign). The Landsraad Houses funding the mercenaries is also a nice idea, I am curious how this will work with the 3 houses stuck on Arrakis which are also part of the Landsraad. Will probably try the missions as soon as I have some free time.
  3. There is no need for Hamachi anymore. CnCNet has just about everything Hamachi had + a lot (and I really mean A LOT) more features such as starting locations, custom maps, custom tilesets, advanced AI etc. not to mention quite a few active Dune2k players. Check it out. http://cncnet.org/
  4. [RELEASE] Dune 2000 War of Assassins

    Nope I don't think I updated it. Can't remember exactly.
  5. [RELEASE] Dune 2000 War of Assassins

    Thanks Yea, you can ask any questions here.
  6. Yea, standards were very different back in the days I remember in the first days after the old editor got launched, everyone was amazed to see starport reinforcements and carryall reinforcements along with functional AI, which is now a basic If I look at my Atreides campaign (which was the first custom campaign ever created from scratch) today in 2017, the quality is terrible, but at that time it was amazing About events and conditions, I'm that type of guy who doesn't use plenty of them unless I have a certain thing or cinematic in mind (such as the War of Assassins: Sandstorm mission 4 for all houses). In fact, if I were to evaluate myself, probably the only campaign that is good for today's standards is the War of Assassins and its expansion. Why? Well because it was done with the new editor And that's the expansion, the normal ones were done with the first release of Klofkack's editor, which didn't support modifying AI, no different House Palaces and other things from the latest version. Conclusion: the power of the tool sets the standard, if you ask me. I still remember hex editing a .mis file to change starport reinforcement unit spawn in 2011.. There was a list of hex values for units posted somewhere around here.. It was crazy back then
  7. More Mods available

    I am around if there are any questions Just didn't have time to create any more missions, or record more videos.
  8. New missions, that's cool Saw some mercenary campaign as well, gotta try that as well, same for Fei's new hark missions. On topic, when it comes to what you should play, I would recommend all missions included in the mission launcher (including the featured campaigns like War of Assassins etc.), they are all pretty neat. If you want to improve your mapping skills, I really recommend opening the missions in the editor and checking how we did things. That is the best way to improve. Back in 2011 or 2012, whatever the year when the first mission editor got released by mvi, there were barely a few custom missions created, so the way I learned mission making was to look at the original missions to see how Westwood/Intelligent games did things. (not to mention it was much more difficult back then, the editor was nowhere close to how advanced it is today). For complex and more advanced stuff, have a look in my, Fei's and blast's campaigns, you might get some ideas from them and also learn how you can achieve some interesting effects in your campaigns
  9. [RELEASE] Dune 2000 War of Assassins

    Thanks, glad you liked it
  10. [Release] Dune 2000 Random Map Generator

    The same happens for me. Running Windows 10
  11. playing on bigger maps?

    It is. I don't know why would anyone want more, I mean sure, it's cool as a "fun" feature but I do not see it as a practical one. It could only be useful on very specific custom map game modes IMO.
  12. I don't remember very well but I believe the .ini file has some options too. For example there is a line specifying whether the normal destroy everything objectives are to be used or the mission-specific ones defined in the corresponding .mis file for that map.
  13. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    I totally recommend this campaign, there is a lot of quality work put into it. I have been away for a while and still sort of am, but I definitely have to replay this from the beginning till the end sometime, and maybe record it if I'm gonna buy that new headset that I've been wanting to get for a while (mine broke and I was that lazy not to buy a new one yet) Nice job Fey.
  14. Playing around with the D2k campaign

    I was an asshole and i destroyed the Ixian refinery and windtraps to get more space since they are useless without any production capabilities ;D
  15. Playing around with the D2k campaign

    I think i tried them all the previous days, don't think I missed any. They were fine, but those notes from cm_blast were well pointed: i kinda agree with them, mostly. In S3V2 i can imagine a hell if you dont ally with the Harkonnen, as they are so close to you and will eat your harvesters for lunch Well are those 4 raiders and the infantry enough to help protect the Ixians? The Harkonnen attack is pretty solid, with tanks, missiles and stuff like that. I'll have to try it again.