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  1. Nice! There are plenty of territories now, so there is definitely a lot to conquest. I also like the storm idea
  2. Yes, you are right, it does work just like any other side, but the sandworms don't move anymore. I have used the sandworm side in multiple missions so far, acting like any other side perfectly. I don't mind the worms not moving, worms dont really matter that much if you have 8 factions on the map (since that is the only time you are really forced to use the 8th side).
  3. I really like the whole overhaul. Everything looks better and sounds better. Keep us updated!
  4. Changing colors is something we usually try to avoid because it involves modifying a .bin file, so it's already a mod, not just a mission. Indexes, on the other hand, are not very reliable for getting the color you want, but at least they dont require a modded bin file. I will add the functionality to swap colors.bin files automatically to the mission launcher in the future, this is something I have planned for quite a while. My recent work uses custom colored bin files as they will be released with this feature. So basically, you can use custom bin files or indexes, both are fine, it just depends on your preference and wether you trust ppl installing colors.bin properly or not.
  5. @Fey lol I feel you about people not reading briefings. That is why I am intentionally keeping the objectives to the bottom of the text xD. I am forcing them to at least have to scroll. People are lazy as hell nowadays lol. However, for the new campaign i will EVENTUALLY release at some point I handled this a bit differently. Besides the long ass briefing with dialogues and stuff, the objectives at the bottom will summarize the long ass briefing and display the objectives at the same time. Maybe the lazy asses will finally understand the story and not kill the building they had to capture anymore 😛
  6. I think coloring the territories based on the faction that owns them would also be a good idea, besides the house icon. It's WAY more immersive to have a political-kind of map with colored territories. Maybe also adding more territories would be a good idea. I have a feeling the current amount of territories is not very high. There will be like at least 6 factions fighting for them.
  7. Nice, I like the UI so far. About territories: what are those dots in the top left territory?
  8. There are quite a bunch of canon Houses in the dune universe. Just look for Dune major houses, you will get quite some results. They are not widely known, but still. I guess even adding the mercenaries could help, since it's gonna be 7 factions. In the dune 2000 campaign i am working on now I am including some canon Houses like House Ginaz, Ecaz, Motitani, Richese etc.
  9. Interesting. So you'll have 6 playable factions? I would add more, since diplomacy with just 6 factions could go weird sometimes. Maybe 8 would suffice for a better diplomacy, but idk. It's just a suggestion, but it might help to add a few more. I also am interested in how scouting would work, also considering the fact that Ordos get invisible scouts while still. Are you going to have to move a scout every turn otherwise you risk losing it, except for Ordos?
  10. Sounds like a pretty good algorithm. I am curious what you have in mind for the empire management mechanics
  11. Hey, looks like a pretty big update. Will definitely get my hands on it soon and continue my campaign. Thanks for the update!
  12. I see you have quite some ideas. Looking forward to this project, keep us updated.
  13. I woulf suggest trying to do a natural kind of diplomacy system. What I mean by this is getting an AI which can feel which of his enemies is the biggest threat, based on size, his own interests and geographical position. Once he knows that, he can look for other factions that might have a common enemy and try to ally with those if needed. This applies for the human too: the AI could make an offer if he feels the human is a potential help against another strong AI. This means that if some faction gets powerful, the others who are still somewhat powerful will try to form a coalition. If a small faction is close to the big one and would stand no chance even with a coalition behind, that small faction might attempt to get a non-aggresion pact or alliance with the biggest faction for their own protection. I know these would make a pretty complex diplomacy system, but it would pay off in my opinion. I have this system in my mind for years, i just never got to actually implement it for something. I am a big fan of natural, person-like AI and i never really enjoyed games where you need to send 5 million gifts to a faction for an alliance. If that faction is in trouble and if i am in trouble as well, against a common opponent, i would expect the ai to accept or even ask me for an alliance, without me having to send 5 million gifts Just a bunch of suggestions, feel free to let me know what you think about them.
  14. If it doesn't make money, I don't think they will care. I agree, it shouldn't stop you from making it happen.
  15. Yea, definitely. I think this concept you have here fits a mobile game perfectly. Regarding the Dune 2000 assets, I don't think it is legal to use any of them without permission Now don't ask me who holds the right now, because I am not sure lol. I know the Dune license is not held by EA, but the Dune 2000 assets copyright is probably on EA, since they took over Westwood's products.
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