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  1. Well, thanks for the help! Thank you for the links and information. Maybe i will try those different mods :).
  2. P.S. The mod in the video is with changed language and new soundtrack, the one i'm looking (probably an older version) is with english language and original soundtrack.
  3. Hi people, years ago i played an awesome dune 2000 mod were every house had an ally, was looking for that mod, but couldn't find it anywhere. Some days ago, found this video on youtube Tried to contact this guy, hoping to get answers about the mod. Could not reach him. Is there anyone, who knows maybe this guy, or maybe funkyfr3sh (guy who made this mod) himself, or maybe someone has this mod for dune 2000 by any chance? I would love to play that game with this mod again... Respectfully, Nintendo.
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