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  1. Playing NFS heat and C&C remastered red alert, the red alert game is so nostalgic for me I remember playing Red Alert on the first PlayStation. Great memories. This was my first preorder, and I'm not disappointed. I played the hell out of Red Alert as a kid. I also love that they brought skirmish mode to the original.
  2. Hi everyone, I know this thread untouched since 2007 but I have no choice I don't want to create a new topic for my question, So this is my question, Which mods in C&C Tiberium wars 3 or Kane wrath have a building to give you money every second(just like C&C generals, for example, USA had a Supply Drop Zone.), As far as I know, Chemical Warfare Mod has a supplysilo to give you 20+ every second, but I want to know which other mods have this feature too, so I install them and playing without worry about my money in late game! Sorry for my poor English it's not my main language.
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