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  1. The only turn based game I ever played was Star Trek: Birth of the Federation. Great game, that really needs a sequel (and an update). Perhaps now Activision swaped their Trek license for a court case you can get in touch with Viacom :P
  2. argh I'm going to have to give up, this is pure impossible!
  3. Just tried it three times and lost. I must be on my 15th go by now - VERY strange!
  4. By the time I have that built my starport is rubble! :/ Heavey factory just seems to take too long and costs too much, and then you have to buy tanks! :(
  5. I've tried both map sections, the opne to the left is easier, but its the rush at the end - there's just no way! I've tried trikes, just men, buying from the Starport and nothing works, I just get over-run!!! :(
  6. When the Sadukar and the Harkonen attack (this is the first game with the Sadukar, and its a trap, the Harokonen are supposted to be rereating) I just cant build anything fast enough. Be it tanks, trikes, rocket turrets or infantry they all just get crushed and its game over... time after time! What am I doing wrong? :(
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