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    Hello, I found a thread that spoke of editing the dat file to make buildings auto repair. I tried to look up the hex code and could not find it. The dat on my hex code is 2010 and I downloaded my 1.06 version from "old games". I also am using the Queue Patch .exe and menu select. I couldn't either hex numbers mentioned in the thread, I would love to add the feature to my game. If there is another way to make this happen since the thread was old and before the editing tools I would appreciate it. If not I would love to know what the new hex number is, apparently address 00031C15 from 84 to 85 but I don't have this address and gruntmod is suppose to be 0004 9E35. I have neither in my dat file. Also I tried to make some infantry sprites based off the sardauker units, but the pallet issue gave me issues I tried indexing them but to no avail. Any help would be great On another note I am making a small mod for myself and maybe other if they want it. I removed all Vehicles except Harvesters to be more like the 84 movie. Emperor is Black Atreides are Tan etc. I add many other changes to maps and file to balance an all infantry game. It's turned out pretty well with the tools and the game play is unique, turrets are machinegun now and Fremen are recruited in a new way for palace.
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    Okay, so... Here it goes: I'm now able to load buildings and units graphics from DATA.R16 directly, and easily dynamically recolor images with colors from COLOURS.BIN. Thanks to your Spice2k source code (https://github.com/nguoiyoujie/Spice2k/blob/master/src/Dune2000/Structs/R16/ResourceElement.cs) I was able to understand the DATA.R16 format and how to parse it. How is your investigation of TEMPLATES.BIN formats? I could notice UnitTemplate struct format is ready, but BuildingTemplate not yet. That would help me too. Reading graphics data directly from DATA.R16 directly is indeed advantageous, but also some issues. The most important issue is drawing of stealth units (stealth fremen and raider) - those units seem to use regular unit's graphics and the stealth effect is made by the in-game renderer. Also the side color cannot be seen on a unit in stealth mode. I'm thinking how to render stealth units - maybe whole unit shape with a solid color (the side color). The second issue is, that the Carryall and Frigate are too much spacious and they occupy much more space than size of a tile. I wonder how that would look in editor.
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    I would LOVE to check those out! That sounds really interesting. By the way, I also did a little work on something you might want to use for your infantry-based mod: https://i.imgur.com/N7tWkE5.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/yMbzj6C.mp4 This still needs color correction, but the basic frames and alignment are done. Each Engineer has a pistol now. Here's the sound effect: engi boi.wav Not particularly useful compared to standard infantry, but not totally useless either. An Engineer can 1v1 a Trooper, two can possibly take down a Shotgunner or Grenadier... this mechanism mostly just enables them to defend themselves against injured infantry, such as those that pop out of structures, and contribute to the infantry force while being escorted. When you compare the Shotgunner and Engineer in my own mod, the former under normalized conditions costs 50 credits, is immediately available, takes 5 seconds to train, has superior armor, HP, and movement speed, deals 16.67% greater area damage, does 125 DPS, and stacks up burst a whopping ~45% better. The latter deals ~92 DPS, takes 30 seconds to train, costs 400 credits, and requires the Barracks upgrade and an Outpost. There is no contest; Engineers can't be massed and used like normal infantry while you go storming the enemy base and capturing everything. They still rely quite heavily on the protection of other units. However, they're slightly more capable units and the pistol is a bit of flavor if nothing else. That's for my mod though. If you have another idea of how to balance them, you're free to use the sprites however you'd like just as soon as they're finished, if you'd like to use them.
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    Yep. This is only a piece of the puzzle. I have not yet investigated how allocation indices drive the selection of the player house, but at some point I hope to make an edit to the executable so that the player house is effectively "alloc. index mod 8" instead of "Max( 7, alloc. index )", or a more flexible method, if possible. Loading custom colours.bin is probably the easier (and probably the preferred way in modded content), when you are willing to work with third-party launchers. The benefit of extended Colours.bin file with > 8 colors is mostly research points into finding out how the game handles allocation indices (Funkyfr3sh modded the game so that indices > 2 use Ordos unit voices & Announcer / EVA.) If this can be customized into a mapping (or extended to support more Announcers), that would be sweet (though this may require modifications to templates bin as well). With the templates bin format known, loading from Data.R18 may be possible. But I am still working on a template bin editor (that integrates with an Data.R18 editor) and it is definitely not a trivial endeavour. xD An easier alternative would be to extract only the images as a 8bpp image (I'm trying to get my Data.R18 editor to do that instead of exporting as true color RGB). Recoloring a 8bpp image is much easier as the palette is already embedded in the image. The current editors only export as a true color RGB so you may have to wait for me to finish my version, or try a hand in parsing the data.R18 file yourself.
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