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    Some years ago I created a small mini smuggler campaign that contained only 4 missions long. I was trying to keep the theme of my vision of the Smugglers; If the campaign would be bigger (and increasing the tech from map to map) at the end the missions would feel like if you were playing as Ordos but with another color. But today I had new ideas and I manage to pick up those 4 missions already made and expand that mini campaign into a full complete campaign: 9 missions + 1 bonus extra mission, being able to maintain the main theme of the Smugglers, so here we go. STORY: This it's the story of a specific group of smugglers, led by Esmar Tuek. He hired the player to command his army, since you have the skills to do it and help them with the problems that a hostile planet as Dune can throw at them. The Smugglers are neutral in the big war for Arrakis. They main purpose it's getting money by harvesting or doing business with contraband of vehicles inside or outside Arrakis. But this doesn't mean that their lives will be easy; not everyone is so peaceful. Can you help solve all the problems that may affect this small group of smugglers? THE THEME: For my vision of "who are the smugglers" I followed these three points: *Neutral: Smugglers are neutral in the big war of Dune. They don’t have allies or enemies, but this does not mean that they are not exempt from dangers. *Money: Smugglers main purpose it’s to earn profit. Harvesting it’s a good way to do it, but not the only one. *Weak: Smugglers are not too well prepared to fight like other factions, so they don’t really want to start a war against any House. Although that it’s the theme of the Smuggler, this campaign still has traditional fighting, building a base from zero and all that, but you never will face several factions at the same time, or maybe there are other favorable factors that will help you to survive, making credible that a such weak faction can win in specific situations. MINI CAMPAIGN REUSED: The original mini campaign was composed of four missions; I reused the three first to make the start of this new campaign. They are overall the same but I made a few adjustments now that I know more about the game. For example on the mission 2 the Ordos now will target your silos with their engineers instead going against a windtrap. Or in the mission 3 the walls around the base are owned by the player instead on an ally AI without affecting the main outcome of the events. There are a few more changes, but those missions are played roughly the same. I changed the most the briefing to add Esmar Tuek and other parts of the text to adapt to the new situation. Also the dialogue in mid-game will change a bit too, not only adding Tuek's name when talking/warning the player, but also a couple of more lines more. The 4º mission no longer made sense with the story of the full campaign extended, but I didn’t want to delete or leave this map out. For this reason I included it as part of a bonus singular mission following an alternate ending. This final map its' not part of the main cannon, so it's not mandatory to play it. The bonus mission has been altered a bit. The main part it's I make the enemy to not crush deliberately your infantry, so the luck (of being crushed by the AI or not) it's not a factor to win or loose the map. The map is still hard and can not be taken lightly. UPDATE: *Mission 4: 1 Silo added, but that won't change too much unles you are really slow. At a normal pace the player should get around 2500-3000 credits by the time you do the first part of the mission. Also a couple of more tiles of spice near the player base. *Mission 5: Enemies emergency build it's slighly faster (is still long). The player have 1 harvester removed (overall the AI will have their refineries and silos full or almost full, so 1 it's enough). Also some spice fields around the Ai's were moved, so players won't encounter too easily a harvester messing with them (and far enough to force Ai's to use the carryall). Finally, one of the enemy refineries it's surrounded by walls and guarded by a bunch of troopers: Siege tanks can kill them easily. Last: the AI now start repairing buildings sooner, so you are less likely to destroy a building you didn't want by accident. *Mission 8: The briefing now states not only that there are 5 groups you need to visit, but also tell who you will encounter. Even on the objetive part said your goal it's to sell 1 special weapon to each of the 5 groups. Also the Atreides base now it's more open and require much less walk around to reach the exit. *Mission 9: Near the two biggest spice fields over the middle section of the maps now there are a few enemy troopers and infantry guarding. They are there just to split the attention of the player that go too early on that area. SCREENSHOTS: FILE: The file uploaded contain the missions and a few extra files just in case you apply it into a vanilla dune 2000, but I think at this point those extra files are not neccesary on gruntmods, just in case are added. Smuggling Operations.rar
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    @3371-Alpha Ahhaha. Sorry, I rarely document stuff in there, but I can help you with these two mystery files. The d2te_0-based_hacks.txt text is a piece of assembler code (you'll see more of that stuff in the Command & Conquer related folders on the site), and it details a bug fix I made on the exe file of the Dune 2 Tile Editor you'll find in the folder. You will notice there are two versions; one is marked as "zerobased". I did this fix because the indices used in the tiles editor started from "1", whereas the references to these tile indices I found used in the exe file itself actually started from 0. So all the numbers in the tiles editor were off by one compared to the real data. That's why I quickly hacked the exe file of the tiles editor and fixed that. There's another tool with a similar hack on the site, namely the Ingame Strings Editor in instr212_0based.zip located in the /tools/ folder on the site. The second file is actually referenced here on the forum, in the Dune Dynasty thread: So yeah, that's all that is; Me being silly with a microphone ten years ago and making custom house selection voice clips for the game I'm not sure if the clips work outside of a .pak file on the original game, though. But it works on Dune Dynasty. I have all releases of the game on my site. Whose lawyers, though? Nobody is even sure who owns the rights to sell Dune II. The game rights are probably owned by EA, but even if they are they can't sell it because the licensing from the Dino De Laurentiis company for the game has long expired. It's a large mess and it'd take an army of lawyers just to figure out which lawyer would have the right to sue me. It's uploaded on several abandonware sites, including Abandonia, which is pretty strict on its rules of what is considered "abandonware". Also, I'm pretty confident that if the rights indeed belong to EA, they won't care. They rarely do, unless it's costing them money. They didn't mind me uploading the expansion packs of Command & Conquer and Red Alert after they made the base games freeware, and the community managers have even given me several games for free as thanks/help for my patching work on C&C.
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    Hi there 3371-Alpha, and welcome to the forums! Indeed there isn't a lot of activity here lately (sadly). We have accumulated quite a lot of info on Dune II over the years, I have tried to document this stuff in separate threads, but probably not in a format that makes everything immediately clear. The unofficial patch fixes many bugs and issues with v1.07, but doesn't incorporate some of the recently found fixes, including that for the bug which causes a unit to get deselected after you give it an order sometimes, or the Saboteur exploding upon reaching its destination. Some files were actually not meant for public use, or were only uploaded for current needs. It's been a long time since I messed with the GUS drivers, but I'm pretty sure you didn't need to put anything into the Dune II folder except the modified game data files, which already include the drivers that have been confirmed to work with the game and DOSBox.
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