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Sardaukar: Operation Arrakis


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Renown House Artist


Has Created His Own Site To House His Dune Art Projects


For more than a year, LoneStarFedaykin has been a wonderful and exciting presence in the online Dune art world, so we all knew it was only a matter of time before he'd wield his crysknife-shaped

pen with his own vibrant art site.

In DuneArt.com, LoneStarFedaykin houses his finished Dune works, plus his sketches and comics. He also has some promised projects in the works (with a little help from his friends).


Go to www.DUNEART.com for the newest in LSF's Dune art.


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he is a hell of a lot better than I could ever be.lol but its a tad unoriginal, and has obviously taken too much inspiration from other stuff, lacking ideas from his thoughts. Why? because look at leto 11, it is identical to michael striblings art. Look at the sardaukar, it is an almost perfect representation of a merc solder in dune generations.

still though, good stuff!

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