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James McAvoy in another movie.


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Hey, just saw White Teeth starring James McAvoy, it was an English movie. It was pretty good, for a PBS movie. It was kind of cool to see the Leto God Emperor as an Animal Activist with scrawny clothing. Well, that's it. Perhaps somebody else saw this?

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The movie White Teeth, based on the book, premieres on Sunday night on PBS and concludes next Sunday, May 18. It's an ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre presentation (originally produced by Channel 4 in England), which means it comes with the unmistakable music, the sonorous introduction, and that word: "masterpiece." Phil Davis, Om Puri, and Naomie Harris star in it, and they pull off difficult roles beautifully. The adaptation is so subtle I had a hard time sorting out which parts of the novel had been omitted.

For all this, however, White Teeth still comes off as indifferent monotone

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